3 reasons Christmas events at Hunter & Barrel can’t be beat

Posted: October 31, 2019

Christmas is the time to relax with loved ones and colleagues, and celebrate the silly season at the end of another year. While reindeer antlers, secret Santas, and Yuletide songs on repeat are all part of the merriment, it’s great food and wine at the heart of any Christmas celebration. 

So if you’re looking for things to do on Christmas day in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne, a feast at Hunter & Barrel is your ticket to a warm and memorable gathering with your nearest and dearest. 

Here are three reasons why Hunter & Barrel offers the best Christmas party venues in Australia. 

Christmas fare to share 

Whether it’s your work family or your real one, Christmas is about bringing people together, and sharing a meal is a wonderful way to bring everyone together. 

For smaller groups, you’ll be able to order from the Hunter & Barrel a la carte menu, which includes a range of individual plates, as well as our signature feasts, which bring together elements of our most loved dishes onto large sharing boards so you can try multiple meals in one. 

For big groups such as a work Christmas party, you’ll either enjoy our Huntsmen’s or Kingsmen’s menu for dinner, which includes individual entrees, but mains, sides, and desserts all to share. 

Traditional in more ways than one 

Sharing a meal at Christmas isn’t the only tradition on the menu at Hunter & Barrel – the meals themselves are traditional on their own. 

Harking back – way back – to the days of hunters and gatherers, our feasts nod to the ancient days when man would cook a meal over an open flame, when dishes incorporated fresh seasonal ingredients, and when serving sizes were designed to feed hungry bellies rather than look neat and pretty on a plate. 

An Xmas lunch or dinner at Hunter & Barrel means you’ll relish in the atmosphere of the open firepit, taste meals cooked with age-old techniques including a classic rotisserie and coal grill, and be transported to another time with our stylish but relaxed woodsman decor. 

Convenient locations 

When organising a group of people, there’s no understating the convenience of a great location. And whether you’re looking for a location for a Christmas lunch in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, Hunter & Barrel makes it easy for everyone to meet. 

In Perth, Hunter & Barrel can be found in the heart of the CBD in Raine Square, directly attached to the train system for easy access from all over the city. Alternatively, find us in Whitford in Hillarys for those who live a little north of the city. 

Sydneysiders can find us in Cockle Bay, in one of the most scenic locations in Darling Harbour right by the waterfront. For a view that’s as incredible as the meals, this is where to have Christmas lunch in Sydney. 

Finally, Melburnians will find us in Ringwood in the Eastland Shopping Centre, where the town square redevelopment has made this area a destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment. 

So if you’re looking for what to do this Christmas, make your booking at your nearest Hunter & Barrel for a meal that brings everyone together and offers phenomenal food with a traditional twist in a convenient location. 
Explore our incredible menus for more incentives, and book online to ensure a place at the table this Christmas season.

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