The history of ‘happy hour’

Posted: January 31, 2020
The history of 'happy hour'

Who doesn’t love happy hour?

Despite the fact that happy hour is almost never just 60 minutes long, this is the time of day (or sometimes even multiple times a day) where you can score extra deals on drinks and food at some of your favourite eateries and bars in Australia. 

So when you’re looking for the best happy hour in Perth with the most delicious cocktails in the city, Hunter & Barrel has the deals, the drinks, the food, and the atmosphere to turn happy hour into an ecstatic one. 

But where did it all come from?

What is happy hour?

We all know the modern definition of happy hour, but it didn’t exactly start as a cheap hour or two of drinks and nibbles in restaurants. 

Surprisingly, happy hour isn’t even that old – it only dates back to the 19th century. A little more surprising, however, is that it began at sea, and not only that, it was never originally all about drinking. 

Happy hour began as a tradition amongst the US Navy. While sailors were out on the boat, things could understandably become somewhat monotonous. 

To combat the boredom, happy hour began as a few hours a few nights per week, during which those on board would take part in entertainment and activities. This could be singing, boxing, watching shows, wrestling, and more. 

It wasn’t until Prohibition kicked in – and therefore renegade drinkers made a sport of defying authorities – that happy hour became a tradition of merriment and drinking at land-based establishments. 

Fortunately, Prohibition’s days were numbered, but the tradition of gathering to drink was not. Happy hour in Perth and throughout Australia is alive and well, nowhere more so than at Hunter & Barrel. 

Your new favourite happy hour at Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel in Raine Square is hosting the best happy hour in Perth with Sunset Drinks every day of the week from 5pm until 6pm. 
This is the perfect time to stop by for an after-work drink, or a pre-dinner warm up. 

You’ll find our exceptional cocktail list with beverages from just $8, and our beer, wine, and spirits selection for just $5. 

This includes our classic cosmopolitan, the sweet and summery strawberry daiquiri, and the cocktail with a bit of oomph, the jalapeno margarita. As for wines and beers, choose from popular drops such as the Young Henrys Natural Lager, James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale, Vasse Felix Classic Dry White, Triennes Dry Rose, Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey, and others. 

Sit outside in the relaxing and bright terrace area, or stay close to the action at our barrel bar and seating area indoors. Of course, we also offer a full menu if you fancy a nibble with your drinks, and delicious dinners if you’d prefer to stick around a little longer. 
So stop idling searching for the best ‘happy hour near me’ and make a booking for 5pm at Hunter & Barrel at Raine Square to make the most of this awesome deal and try out a few more of our famous cocktails.

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