Why Hunter & Barrel is the perfect wedding reception venue in Sydney

Posted: August 8, 2019

Browsing wedding venues in Sydney can be a long and tiring task, but you can stop right there – Hunter & Barrel has exactly what you need. 

Even though you may know us as a fantastic restaurant to visit on a night out, we’re also a popular spot for functions, and as a reception venue in Sydney. 

Here’s why! 

The picturesque Cockle Bay Wharf location

Our Cockle Bay Wharf location is easily one of our biggest drawcards, whether you’re visiting for a family dinner, a date night drink, or a wedding reception. 

Set amongst a vibrant collection of bars and restaurants near the waterfront, Hunter & Barrel offers a fabulous setting for any event – but especially a romantic one. 

Additionally, this is an exceptional spot for public transport, as guests will be able to take the train to the Town Hall Station just five minutes away, or they can easily find a cab or Uber home after the event, so no one has to miss out on the cocktails and fun. 

The hearty, delicious food

Hunter & Barrel is a restaurant dedicated to combining the raw elements of nature with the modern comforts and technology of today. 

You’ll find thick steak cuts, generous portion sizes, slow-cooked stews, and a huge variety of vegetarian options. Our coal fires and open kitchen add to the experience, making for a unique, filling, and unforgettably delicious meal for your wedding reception. 

We can work with you to craft the perfect set menu for your wedding, and for the needs of your guests. If there’s something in particular you have in mind, don’t hesitate to ask. 

The fully stocked bar and skilled bartenders

What’s a wedding reception without some exceptional cocktails, moreish wines, and chilled beers? 

The bar at Hunter & Barrel is fully stocked with a wide range of drinks, and our beverage package options make it easy to organise an open bar for your guests to enjoy beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Naturally, we only hire the best of the best when it comes to bartenders, so if you or your guests are looking for a favourite tipple, or something creative, our team behind the bar is more than capable of delivering. 

The warm and welcoming atmosphere

When it comes down to it, venue hire in Sydney is often about finding a place with the right atmosphere. 

Hunter & Barrel is intimate and cosy without being small or crowded, it’s relaxed without being sloppy, classy without being showy, and moodily lit without being dark. 

We always seek to create the kind of space people want to spend time in, regardless of our food, drinks, or location. Our open kitchen, coal fires, friendly service, and tasteful decor all contribute to this warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s the perfect setting for any wedding venue. 

Why not pop in and enjoy a delightful meal to get a feel of our dishes, drinks, location, and atmosphere? Or feel free to send us an inquiry about wedding venue hire to get the ball rolling.

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