Love lamb? 4 lamb dishes at Hunter & Barrel you can’t miss

Royal Feast - Hunter & Barrel

There’s a lot to love about lamb.  This rich meat offers a unique flavour that nothing else quite comes close to – it’s succulent, satisfying, and endlessly flexible when it comes to preparing and cooking lamb dishes.  At Hunter & Barrel, we relish in an impeccable lamb dish just as much as you do, which … Read more

The Hunter & Barrel ethos

Eastland Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel is one of the best restaurants in Darling Harbour in Sydney, on of the best Eastland restaurants in Melbourne, and an excellent example of fine dining in Perth. No matter which of our establishments you visit, you’ll find the same commitment to tradition mixed with a touch of modern comfort.

Looking for the best set menu Sydney has to offer? Try our feasts

King's Feast - Hunter & Barrel

Functions, work celebrations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas lunches, Valentine’s Day dinners, and everything in between – there are countless moments throughout the year to celebrate an occasion with a group of your nearest and dearest.  And for those occasions, most restaurants will work from a set menu to ensure you receive a faster, … Read more

Elevate after-work drinks with our barrel-aged cocktails

There are some days that simply demand a refreshing drink once you make it through to home time.  Whether it has been a particularly busy day, a stressful meeting, a major pitch, a big deadline, or even a positive day where you need to go and celebrate with the crew afterwards, an expertly made, quality … Read more

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