Dinner Menu

At Hunter & Barrel, we believe in the shared ritual of the feast – and nowhere is that more apparent than our innovative restaurant menu.

Quality steak, meats and produce are at the heart of everything on the Hunter & Barrel dinner menu. We let the ingredients speak for themselves, with fresh, meat, poultry and seafood offerings roasted over our signature coal grill and spit rotisserie.


  • Harissa Prawns 19

    Marinated prawns with harissa butter, dukkah and grilled flatbread

  • Chicken Wings 16

    Crispy chicken wings, sticky honey soy and garlic glaze, sesame seeds & spring onions

  • Three Cheese Dip (V) 15

    Gouda, Gruyere, Edam cheese with grilled flatbread

  • Calamari 16

    BBQ spice & Szechuan marinated salt water calamari with sticky chilli dip

  • Summer Veggie Bruschetta (V) 14

    Seasonal vegetables served on miche toast, ricotta cream & saltbush pesto


Feast to Share

Dining with friends or family? Enjoy good company and experience the joy of communal dining with a Hunter & Barrel feast board. Designed to share between two, our feast board features mouth-watering favourites.

Feast for TWO/ $125

Rotisserie Portuguese Chicken Skewer, 250g Wagyu Rump, 1/2 rack of Pork or Beef Ribs, Traditional Boerewors Coil & Side Sauce

Serves 2
Sides not included


  • Hunter Burger 27

    Angus beef patty on a potato bun, with cos lettuce, bacon bush tomato jam, pepperberry aioli and American cheese. Served with crispy chips

  • Roasted Pumpkin Wedge (V) 25

    Roasted pumpkin, harissa glaze, smokey maple yoghurt, pine nuts, pepita seeds and seasonal herbs

  • Wagyu Pie 36

    Slow braised Wagyu stew in chicken broth, creamy potato and roasted bone marrow. Served with green salad

  • Salmon Fillet 37

    Crispy skin salmon, seasonal vegetable stew, pesto, bacon & extra virgin olive oil

  • Flamed Chicken 27

    Portuguese marinated half chicken hit with our signature peri peri basting. Served with toasted pita and crispy chips

  • Pork Tomahawk 46

    Marinated in garlic & rosemary finished on the grill. served with mash and mustard jus


Cooked over open charcoal and served with crispy chips or green salad.

  • Rotisserie Chicken Thigh 34

    Portuguese marinated chicken thigh

  • Honey Glazed Pork Belly 36

    Slow braised pork belly, sticky chilli glaze

  • Lamb Loin 42

    Lamb backstrap marinated with a fenugreek rub

  • Wagyu Rump 39

    Wagyu beef rump marinated with a smoky BBQ rub


  • Garlic Butter 3
  • Mushroom, Peppercorn, Chilli, Peri Peri 4
  • Jus 6

Fire-Grilled Steaks

Hunter’s basting & choice of crispy chips or green salad. All our cuts are hand selected to ensure only the best quality Australian beef is served.

  • EYE OF RUMP (200g) 32
  • EYE FILLET (200g) 46
  • New Yorker (350g) 45
  • WAGYU RUMP (250g) 43
  • RIB EYE (300g) 49

Sharing Steaks

Hunter’s basting & choice of crispy chips or green salad and a side sauce.

  • T-BONE (700g) 79
  • Tomahawk (1.1kg) 139


Slow cooked and generously basted with Hunter’s basting. Choice of crispy chips or green salad.

  • Beef Ribs 39

    Half Rack

  • Beef Ribs 64

    Full Rack

  • Pork Ribs 39

    Half Rack

  • Pork Ribs 68

    Full Rack

Ribs - Hunter & Barrel


  • Roasted Corn (V) 9

    Charred corn cob pieces, burnt butter, aged Parmesan and crispy shallots

  • Hunter Salad (V) 7

    Classic summer salad, creamy feta with honey mustard dressing

  • Crispy Chips (V) 7

    Classic steakhouse chips

  • Brussel Sprouts (V) 14

    Fried brussels sprouts with cauliflower puree and pomegranate

  • Green Bean Salad (V) 11

    Warm chat potato and green beans with white wine vinaigrette, fried capers, boiled egg and fresh herbs

  • Mash (V) 8

    Creamy mash potato oven baked with Gruyère cheese infused panko crumb


For hunters under 12. Served with crispy chips or green salad and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.


    Char-grilled chicken tenders, lemon & herb basting

  • PORK RIBS 15

    Char-grilled pork riblets with Hunter's basting


    Angus beef burger, cheese, ketchup & brioche bun


  • Fired Chocolate S'more 14

    Chocolate tart layered with chocolate ganache, chocolate fudge, marshmallow served with dulce de leche & peanut butter ice cream

  • Lemon Tart 14

    Mango syrup, muntrie pepper meringue & coconut ice-cream

  • Strawberry Mousse 13

    Layered with strawberry cheesecake mousse and chantilly cream. Served with biscuit crumbs, macerated strawberry and baked meringue

Age-old culinary techniques with a modern twist.

Dinner at Hunter & Barrel is a true feast for the senses. Smell the irresistible smokiness of tender and juicy steak, chicken and seafood as it cooks over the open coal grill. Listen to the crackle of the firepit as you sip on a barrel-aged cocktail from the bar. Sit back and appreciate the rustic ambience of the restaurant as you watch the world go by outside.

When it’s time to feast, choose from a selection of hearty dinner options centred on slow-cooked meats, seasonal produce and full-bodied flavours. From favourites like impossibly tender roast lamb shoulder, beef sirloin skewers and crispy pork belly, to fresh and innovative dishes like pan-seared whole barramundi, oven-baked scallops and spiced char-grilled pumpkin, there’s something to tempt every palate on our dinner menu.

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