Discover the Finest Steaks at Hunter & Barrel

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Embark on a journey to discover the finest steak restaurant at Hunter & Barrel, where tradition meets culinary excellence. I invite you to explore our passion for prime cuts, each selected for its superior quality and flavour.

Our steaks are a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, marinated with unique blends of herbs and spices, and then seared to perfection on an open coal grill. This process ensures a succulent, flavourful experience with every bite.

Celebrate the rich, bold flavours that make our steaks unrivalled. Find the nearest Hunter & Barrel steak restaurant to you, in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, and experience the ultimate destination for steak lovers.

Why Hunter & Barrel is the Go-To Destination for Steak Lovers

Hunter & Barrel stands out as a top choice for steak enthusiasts, thanks to our uncompromising commitment to quality, innovative cooking techniques, and unmatched flavours.

At the heart of our culinary philosophy is a dedication to sourcing the finest cuts of meat, each chosen for its marbling, tenderness, and flavour profile.

What truly sets Hunter & Barrel apart is our mastery of cooking techniques. Steaks are seared and grilled over an open coal fire, a method that not only imparts a distinctive smoky char but also ensures each steak is cooked to juicy perfection. This meticulous approach to cooking, combined with our flair for flavour and presentation, creates a steak experience that is both authentically rustic and elegantly refined.

Hunter & Barrel is a haven for steak lovers seeking an unparalleled dining adventure.

Our Premium Steak Selection

Hunter & Barrel takes pride in offering an extensive range of steaks, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of steak aficionados. Our selection includes premium cuts such as the Ribeye, known for its rich marbling and deep flavour and the immense Tomahawk – a long-bone Ribeye steak that delivers a dramatic presentation and a taste to match. Or you can feast upon the T-Bone, offering the best of both worlds with its combination of tender fillet and flavourful sirloin, is another favourite among guests seeking a distinctive steak experience.

My commitment to quality extends to the sourcing of our meats, with each steak coming from carefully selected Australian farms that adhere to high standards of animal welfare and sustainable practices.

The steaks at Hunter & Barrel are not just meals; they are culinary adventures, enhanced with our signature rubs and cooked over a coal-fired grill to achieve the perfect char and succulence. This diverse range of steaks, combined with our expert preparation and presentation, ensures that every visit to Hunter & Barrel is a memorable one for steak enthusiasts.

My chefs are fans of different cuts of meat. Where one loves a rump, another will go to bat for a ribeye. They all agree that medium well, with some pink left in the meat, is the way to eat your steak, however. This allows the juiciness of the cut to remain and excite you with every bite.

If you’d like a speciality cut of steak, perhaps try a Wagyu rib eye steak, grilled to your liking, dripping with flavour. Pair it with a side of crispy chips and a rich glass of merlot.

Sourcing and Quality Assurance of Our Steaks

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My chefs are proud of the quality of the steak they prepare for you. Beginning the journey from ethically sourced meat from the best graziers in the land, they flame-grill the steaks to perfection. That heady, coal-fired aroma of a well-cooked O’Connor grain-fed rib eye steak is arguably one of the best aromas in the world.

Our supply chain, from paddock to plate, is closely monitored for health and sustainability. It guarantees only the best meat is delivered, cooked and served to you every time.

The Ultimate Steak Dining Experience

The dining atmosphere at Hunter & Barrel is a warm mix of rustic charm and modern sophistication. My staff are warm and welcoming; the buzz of conversation, and the soft lighting, all serve to create a sensory experience that compliments your culinary experience and leads to a vibrant yet relaxed evening.

At Hunter & Barrel, every detail, from the decor to the service, is designed to make the act of enjoying a steak not just a meal, but a moment to be savoured.

My sommelier has curated an extensive wine list for Hunter & Barrel, with our range of steaks in mind. Rich and full-bodied reds from around Australia, and the world. Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir from Tasmania, Mud House from New Zealand, even a vibrant red wine from Tuscany.

If red wine is not your libation of choice, we heartily encourage you to enjoy whatever beverage makes you happy and will help you to enjoy your steak. Can’t go past a sparkling wine? Try a glass of our King Valley Prosecco. If craft beer is more to your taste, we can certainly help you there. Sometimes a smokey barrel-aged whiskey sits well with a t-bone steak.

We want you to enjoy your steak, your way.

Reservations and Private Dining Options

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Join my team for a first-class steak experience today. You can book a table for two, or bring a host of friends and enjoy our function room. Speak with the team for a set menu, where we can cater to your dietary requirements, or serve sharing platters for a more casual dining experience, whatever you want. 

Experience a hearty steak with Hunter & Barrel tonight.