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Corporate Events at Parramatta

I have introduced a premium corporate event venue in Parramatta for you to enjoy. My Hunter & Barrel dining experience is here in Parramatta and is ready for you to hire out to entertain corporate guests, launch a brand, or fill with your teammates for an end-of-season celebration.

We offer a first-class menu with char-grilled steaks, succulent skewers of seasoned meats, and 8-hour slow-cooked ribs. And that is just the beginning.

Visit my restaurant today for a gastronomical, history-making day.

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Premier Corporate Lunch Venue in Parramatta, Sydney

Many businesses are looking for the perfect corporate events Sydney location, and I have to tell you, here in Parramatta, you have the pick of the bunch.

On a sunny day in Parramatta, there is no better place to be than in my Hunter & Barrel restaurant. It is bright and sunny with a positive atmosphere. People enjoying a steak or a burger, and a cold glass of their favourite tipple.

Fill our belly with food and laughs as you dine with your corporate team with us here in Parramatta.

Exquisite Corporate Dinner Experiences in Sydney

If you’re entertaining new clients or taking your team out for a celebratory dinner, my Parramatta corporate function venue location is the place to be. We can section off a portion of our restaurant so you have your own private area to entertain. Or you can book the whole restaurant to really wow your corporate guests.

Work with my team to ensure you have a smooth dining experience, all catered for, food and drink brought to your table. You don’t have to lift a finger.

When bringing your corporate events to my restaurant, you have the choice of al a carte menu choices and ordering when you arrive. Or, you can talk to my team and create a tailored menu to suit your corporate lunch.

We want your corporate lunch or high-class corporate dinner to be perfect for you. If that means nothing but vegetarian options, let’s talk and make it the best menu and most excellent meal you and your guests have ever eaten.

You want a corporate event to be memorable, From the smiles you get when you arrive, through the food and drink, and the setting. And let me tell you, Hunter & barrel Parramatta is such a great location. You can take a virtual tour and view our restaurant. Indoor and outdoor dining is a sophisticated décor that matches the desire for a corporate venue for a corporate event.

A company party is great for improving relations and morale among co-workers. Celebrating new business deals or opportunities is a great way to reward staff for their hard work and blow off steam. Mergers can be made friendlier by having an introductory party. But all of these things will fall short if the venue isn’t good. No one wants to be sitting on uncomfortable seats, standing in a cramped room, with mediocre food and dingy surroundings. Come to Hunter & Barrel, where we blend and amazing setting, with great food, spacious environment, and beautiful decor.

Ideal Setting for Business Lunches and Dinners in Sydney

Our outdoor seating lets you have a casual client catch-up or a joyous summer lunch with your team.

Inside, you can book some tables for an exclusive client meeting or demonstration, have a bar tab with selected beverages, and a custom menu to sit down and eat, or have a platter to pick and share with.

My Hunter & Barrel Parramatta establishment is a perfect place to bring your corporate clients, day or night, any time of the year.

Our Parramatta location can be sectioned off for your exclusive event. If you want a warm summer evening event, we can reserve an outside area for you, with some casual drinks and finger food.

We have areas for smaller events. Alternatively, you can book the whole restaurant for you and your guests. Enjoy the run of the menu, exclusive bar and table service just for you.

When you book with my Hunter & Barrel Parramatta team, we ask more than just how many people and when you would like to book. We can arrange for personalised decorations, cards and other accessories for the table and audio-visual equipment if you have a presentation.

You have a dedicated event planning team to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Hunter & Barrel serves you some exquisite barrel-aged spirits and cocktails that pair well with a perfectly cooked steak.

Is some beer or ale more to your taste? You can have some delicious craft beers on tap or some beers from around the world in a bottle or can.

But when you think of a good steak or delectable ribs, wine always floats to the top. Our superior wine list, expertly curated by our sommeliers, has something for everyone’s taste – some rich reds for the well-done steak, or crisp white to complement your chicken skewer.

Remember, there is no rule that says you have to have red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat. If you love a good pinot gras and want to try some lamb ribs, we always encourage you to go with what flavours work for you.

The entire drinks menu at Hunter & Barrel is unique and diverse. Barrel-aged spirits, such as whiskey, gin or rum, on the rocks or with a mixer, sounds good, right?

How about a house-special cocktail, such as a House Mojito, or a Welcome to the Hunt, one of my personal favourites.

If you’re not a drinker, we have zero alcohol beer, mocktails, juices and soft drinks. I want everyone to enjoy themselves at my restaurant in Parramatta. Speak to the bartender if you have a drink or cocktail special, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

What kind of corporate event are you hosting? A celebration? Do you need sparkling white for the occasion, such as La Boheme Cuvee Rose, or a Moet & Chandon Brut?

It is a civilised presentation where people are sitting and enjoying our ribs or steak? Why not spread some bottles of Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir or some 3Drops Merlot around the tables?

Ask your guest what wins they want, and we can match their tastes with a bottle from our list. Make it the memorable corporate event it deserves to be.

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