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You’ve been working hard all year, and it’s time to relax and celebrate the merry season with family, friends, and work colleagues. 

A Christmas lunch in Melbourne, or even a delicious dinner, is the perfect way to get together and enjoy one another’s company. Making Hunter & Barrel in Eastland one of the best Christmas party venues in Melbourne. 

We offer a lively celebratory atmosphere, incredible communal-style dining, and meals you’ll still be thinking about this time next year in a Christmas dinner venue in Melbourne. 

We want to tailor your experience with us to your specific wants and needs.  Choose to have an intimate experience in one of our private dining rooms or a bright and lively night seated in our semi-private dining room. Make a reservation before we’re booked out so that we can accommodate all of your Christmas commands.

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Welcome to Eastland

Hunter & Barrel is one of the best options for a Christmas dinner in Melbourne, especially if you’re looking for an exceptional dining experience, but prefer not to meet in the central city. 

You will find us in the town square redevelopment in Ringwood, which is one of the city’s most lively hubs for dining, shopping, and entertainment. 

Throughout the year, Hunter & Barrel is a go-to for fantastic, hearty meals cooked in a style that pays homage to ancient culinary traditions such as rotisserie and coal grills, as well as for expertly mixed cocktails and an impressive wine list. But when the silly season hits, that is when we at Hunter & Barrel really showcase our holiday spirit and a Christmas dinner venue in Melbourne you can enjoy. 

We still offer all of our usual attractive features, delicious food, a beautiful venue, and friendly staff, But now with the added appeal of Christmas merriment and seasonal cheer.

We know that it can be tough to organise a Christmas lunch venue in Melbourne, be it for family, friends or even your workplace. But we’re here to take the stress off of your plate and provide you with a private dining room so you can have the feast you deserve. So ensure you book in early to avoid any last-minute rushes and unneeded stress. Simply give us a call, or book online and from there, we’ll do the rest for a memorable Christmas lunch venue in Melbourne.

Host an Eastland Christmas function at Hunter & Barrel

We know that there are plenty of locations you could choose from for your Christmas dinner venue in Melbourne. But when you book with us, functions at Eastland’s Hunter & Barrel are stress-free, memorable, and outright fun. We’re located within a vibrant hub that’s ever so slightly removed from the city centre so that you can have the relaxation you deserve whilst still enjoying a night with friends, family or colleagues. 

For groups of 11 or fewer, you can opt to order from our a la carte menu to offer guests the full range of our incredible feasts, from shared platters to individual dishes. 

Larger groups of 12 or more can make the most of our set menu options, which ensures the whole table receives their meals in a timely manner, and that the night is streamlined and seamless from start to finish. 

We know that the holidays, although a lively and festive time, can also become stressful and tiring. Perhaps you’re in charge of booking a corporate Christmas lunch, or you’re looking for a space to house your family for Christmas dinner. No matter what the function is, at Hunter & Barrel, we are here to ease the frenzy of the festive season. Within our Eastland venue, we are home to four private or semi-private dining rooms, ranging from a capacity of 8 people, all the way to 30. This makes it the perfect Christmas dinner venue in Melbourne for anything, be it a small and intimate dinner, or a larger vibrant crowd. 

In fact, Hunter & Barrel Eastland restaurant’s dining spaces are the most private of all our locations. Of our four dining rooms, there are three entirely separate private areas that are perfect for 8 to 16 guests. We also are home to a semi-private dining Christmas lunch venue in Melbourne for up to eight guests. This is perfect for those who want to be afforded some privacy for their festive feast, whilst still being a part of the lively atmosphere that is created within our establishment. Finally, you can also book more than one of these spaces together if you have an especially large group, which is perfect for corporate events or family Christmas get-togethers.

All of our dining spaces boast luxurious and comfortable decor and a vibrant menu filled with a multitude of cuisine for every kind of palate. From fresh fish to a rich pork belly, we will do everything to create a holiday atmosphere worth remembering, so come and book your next Christmas event at Hunter & Barrel Eastland for a very merry Christmas indeed.

The gift of communal dining for Christmas

In ancient days, sharing a meal was the nightly ritual, and while modern dining means sharing a space, our passion for communal dining meals sharing the experience as well. 

On both our a la carte and set menus, you will find shared meals for you and your guests. These include some of our favourite dishes, such as the aforementioned crispy pork belly, chicken skewers, and herb-roasted pumpkin. For the seafood lovers in your group, rest assured they’ll be satisfied with our newly added Ocean Feast, featuring the freshest selection of mussels, prawns, and barramundi. 

Meals are served on large platters, piled with generous portions, and completed with chunky fries, perfectly roasted vegetables, dips, and sides. These dishes allow guests to try multiple of our meals at once, making us one of the best Christmas party venues in Melbourne. 

Make an online booking for Hunter & Barrel in Eastland, or get in touch to inquire about our set menus and function options for one of the most unique Christmas party venues in Melbourne.

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