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Do you have a primal urge to tear meat from the bone, delicious, sizzling beef or chicken, juices dripping down your chin, and wiping your face with the back of your hand? We may be a little more civilised than that, but you can indulge yourself in a flavourful meat skewer, dripping with spices, sizzling on the spit. 

Choose your favourite meat skewer – chicken, beef or seafood, grab a napkin, because it could get messy, and get on in there!

Hunter & Barrel are meat skewer specialists. Our ethos is wanting you to enjoy good, simple food, and sharing it with your friends and family, just like our ancestors did.

Visit us for a food adventure, with open fires, smokey meats, good friends and great casked drinks to enjoy.

Dry Aged Skewer


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  • Kangaroo Skewer 37

    Kangaroo loin marinated in a native wattleseed BBQ rub, served with chimichurri

  • Dry Aged Striploin Skewer 46

    O'Connor Angus striploin, dry aged for 28 days, finished with signature basting

Paired Wine:
Wine: Gls 150ml / Lrg Gls 250ml / Btl

  • Forest Hill 'Highbury Fields' Chardonnay 13 / 21 / 59

    Great Southern, WA

  • Mud House 'The Narrows' Pinot Noir 14 / 23 / 67

    Marlborough, NZ

Our Skewer Specialities

Enjoying a meat skewer with Hunter & Barrel is an experience, not just a meal. Your favourite meat, cooked slowly over an open flame and served still on the rod, to your table, a feast shared with friends and family.

Better than roast chicken, this is flame-roasted, slow cooker, melt-in-your-mouth poultry. Pair with some artisan chips for the ultimate night-time meal.

Aromatic juices dripping from the beef skewer, lapped up by crusty bread. Pair with seasonal vegetables and rich, creamy mashed potatoes. Can you see it? Can you smell it? Imagine it right now.

Enjoy the fresh taste of fish, prawns, and more, seared to perfection, bursting in your mouth with zest and salty flavours. A squeeze of lemon and you have perfection.

Experience Skewer Innovation at Hunter & Barrel

For something a little different, a little innovative, a little primal, and a lot flavourful, make your booking with Hunter & Barrel to try our Skewered Program. 

Your skewer will arrive at the table piping hot and furiously appetising, with your choice of sides so you can enjoy your hunter’s feast as a standalone skewer or as a make-your-own shawarma. 

And like all Hunter & Barrel produce, you can gnaw away at your meal knowing that all ingredients are sourced with sustainable practices in mind, from building menus around what’s in season to working with farms around Australia to offer grass-fed, premium meats.  

Make your booking at Hunter & Barrel in Melbourne’s EastlandPerth’s Raine Square or Sydney’s Parramatta to try Skewered, and re-discover the simple bliss of exceptional meats cooked and served on a skewer, just like the hunter.

Browse Our Full Menu

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There are more feasts to feed a hungry belly in our house. Look at our all-day menu, and find some sides, perhaps a beverage and dessert, to perfectly match the fire-roasted skewers.

Limited Skewer Flavours

We serve up the tastiest skewers of meat for you, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re always hunting for new flavours and new ways to fill you with good food.

Crafting the Perfect Skewer

At Hunter & Barrel, we take skewers to a whole new level. Our menu features a tantalising array of skewer options, each expertly prepared to satisfy your cravings for succulent meats and bold flavours.

Indulge your senses with an exquisite array of skewers catering to diverse tastes. Sink your teeth into the juicy boneless chicken thigh, offering a perfect blend of tenderness and flavour. Experience the rich and robust taste of lamb rump, or elevate your palate with the unparalleled decadence of wagyu beef. For a delightful twist, savour the crispy skin pork belly skewer; a culinary masterpiece. And don’t miss the jumbo quail skewer, where bold Korean-style marinades meet succulent perfection.

At Hunter & Barrel, our marinated meats are a testament to culinary innovation. Explore the depth of flavour with boneless chicken thigh marinated in tahini, garlic, and parsley; savour the exotic spices of lamb rump with a Middle Eastern spice rub; or dive into the classic BBQ dry rub of smoky spices on our wagyu beef. Feeling adventurous? Try our kangaroo fillet with native Australian ingredients or our Mediterranean-inspired dry aged lamb.

Complement your skewers with our delectable sauces and dips. The jumbo quail is served with a creamy aioli and Japanese mayo blend, while the kangaroo comes alive with the vibrant flavours of chimichurri. For the dry aged lamb, indulge in the refreshing combination of mint and lemon yoghourt. These accompaniments add a burst of flavour to your skewers, making every bite a sensation.

Pairing Skewers With Beverages

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The ultimate feed is a combination of good meat and a perfect beverage. Choose a particular wine for your chicken skewer, or a beefy beer for your red meat portions. Partake a drink from the barrel and make a toast to your good friends and good food!

Dine at Our Locations

You can savour the bounty of the hunt in Melbourne, Perth and Parramatta. Book a table online now to guarantee yourself, and your family, a seat at the feast.

Enjoy our skewered meats, burgers, flame-grilled chicken or steaks, boutique beers on tap or famous wines by the glass or bottle.