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The hunter sits by the crackling fire. Legs aching from the day’s exertions, mouth watering from the aromas of the day’s rewards, he waits.

In front of him a skewer of meat cooks slowly over the flame, juices fizzing and sizzling as they jump and drop to the logs below.

It’s a primal feast, and one that little does he know, will remain a staple of the human drive to dine together for millennia to come.

Skewered Sirloin

Dry-Aged Striploin

  • Dry-Aged Striploin Skewer 42

    Butter aged striploin, infused with honey and thyme.

Matching Beverages:
Wine: Gls 150ml / Gls 250ml / Btl
Beer: Med / Lrg

  • Wirra Wirra Original Blend 14 / 22 / 62

    Grenache Shiraz

  • Balter 12 / 14


Kangaroo Skewer

Wattleseed Kangaroo

  • Kangaroo Skewer 38

    Kangaroo loin dry rubbed with coffee, native wattleseed and pepper leaf, with chimichurri sauce.

Matching Beverages:
Wine: Gls 150ml / Gls 250ml / Btl
Beer: Med / Lrg

  • Barringwood 17 / 26 / 68

    Pinot Noir

  • Balter 12 / 14


The Skewer Specialists

Hunter & Barrel is built on the ethos of enjoying meals like our ancient ancestors, sharing good, simple food with loved ones. And now with the dedicated Skewered Program, we are claiming our place as Australia’s skewer specialists and harking back to our roots of the blissfully tired, hungry hunter waiting by the fire.

Every season, we’ll introduce a selection of new skewers, offering experimental flavours and proteins and authentic charcoal roasted dishes.

It could be an Australian Dry Aged Striploin Skewer, made with an exclusive dry ageing process that embeds flavour at every step. Or it could be a unique kangaroo skewer with a coffee and native wattle seed dry rub, or it might be a fresh seafood skewer loaded with anything from octopus to King Prawns.

Each skewer comes with a paired drink – you choose if you prefer the hand-selected wine or beer to accompany your dish, or let our experienced servers make a recommendation.

Experience Skewer Innovation at Hunter & Barrel

For something a little different, a little innovative, a little primal, and a lot flavourful, make your booking with Hunter & Barrel to try our Skewered Program. 

Your skewer will arrive at the table piping hot and furiously appetising, with your choice of sides so you can enjoy your hunter’s feast as a standalone skewer or as a make-your-own shawarma. 

And like all Hunter & Barrel produce, you can gnaw away at your meal knowing that all ingredients are sourced with sustainable practices in mind, from building menus around what’s in season to working with farms around Australia to offer grass-fed, premium meats.  

Make your booking at Hunter & Barrel in Melbourne’s Eastland or Perth’s Raine Square to try Skewered, and re-discover the simple bliss of exceptional meats cooked and served on a skewer, just like the hunter.

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