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Parramatta's Best Birthday Destination

My Hunter & Barrel location out west in Parramatta is one of the best birthday restaurants Sydney has to offer. When you celebrate your birthday you want to invite friends and family, have a great meal, with drinks and cake and a great vibe. Hunter & Barrel can take group bookings, plan a menu for you, and more. It’s a family friendly restaurant so everyone feels welcome.

Dine with Hunter & Barrel and discover the best restaurants for birthdays in Sydney.

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Discover Parramatta’s Premier Birthday Party Venue

The atmosphere and food in a Hunter & Barrel restaurant is an experience to behold.

Dark and soothing, with rustic wood finishes, and friendly chatter in the air. It’s a place you can relax, enjoy yourself and the company you keep.

And the food is next level. 8-hour slow cooked ribs; char-grilled steaks to perfection; big hamburgers that will conquer any appetite and more.

Throw in a side of loaded fries, some barrel-aged spirits or some delicious wines from our curated wine list, and you have an awesome night out for your 18th or 21st birthdays, even your 50th. You don’t look a day over 30, we promise.

I really enjoy celebrating birthdays in my restaurant. It’s a great moment when a cake comes out, covered in candles, and the whole restaurant sings along.

Celebrating in my Hunter & Barrel locations is a great idea. My team can section off an area of our restaurant and make you a VIP. Speak with our venue manager, and we can tailor a menu just for you, including a bespoke bar menu.

If you’re on a budget, you can tailor the dinner to fit. We want you to enjoy your occasion and not worry about the bill at the end of the night.

Drop into my Parramatta restaurant and have a drink at the bar, enjoy the ambience, take in the views of the Parramatta Wharf, and imagine your next birthday taking place right here, with us.

Let me introduce you to our lunchtime menu, and my a la carte dinner menu. If you choose to book a birthday party with us, you can choose a set menu, or customise your menu from what we have available.

What makes dining in my restaurants memorable? The company you keep and the food you eat.

We have delicious char-grilled steaks, meat skewers cooked over open coals, ribs which are slow-cooked for 8 hours. Spirits to warm your heart and wine to satisfy your taste buds and match your meat perfectly.

And while my staff are friendly and welcoming, we trust that you can bring your friends and family to dine with you on your next birthday.

Tailored Private & Corporate Birthday Dining in Parramatta

My restaurant in Parramatta can be booked just for your event. A corporate party, celebrating the business, or a milestone birthday, such as an 18th, 21st, or a 50th.

We can tailor the event to your choosing, with share platters, or a set sit-down menu, including steaks and skewers and our succulent ribs.

If there is a big birthday party in your office, why not bring your whale team down to Ribs & Burgers for lunch? Book out some or all of the restaurant, celebrate your birthday guest, celebrate the work done by your team, and so much more.

Speak with my team to organise a set menu of food and drinks, so you don’t have to worry about individual orders, taking up time. All you need to do is turn up and bring a smile.

When dining in my restaurants, you want the drinks to match the food for that all encompassing experience. I carry barrel-aged spirits to make some tasty house-blended cocktails, and some classics.

There is a vast selection of whiskey and bourbon and vodkas from all over the world for you to try.

You can slake your thirst with a range of fine local and imported beers.

And if you’re the designated driver, we have some mocktails, non-alcoholic beers, soft drinks and more.

All your drink needs are covered.

My wine list is so good, it has its own menu. While I love a good, hearty steak, I have found a wine to match makes it the perfect meal. 

I have sourced wines from around the world, from premium grape growing regions, to take your breath away.

A rich, full-bodied red from Margaret River or the Yarra Valley perhaps? How about a crisp dry white from the Clare Valley or the Adelaide hills?

Celebrate the big occasion with some sparkling from Epernay, France.

You’ll find the perfect drop to have with the perfect steak, right here with us.

Hunter & Barrel Parramatta is the best restaurant for birthdays you will find in Sydney. Get in touch today to make a birthday book and celebrate your big day with us.

To guarantee a table in my Parramatta restaurant, book now. Let my team organise a space for your party, or arrange to book the entire place out if you want a huge 21st event you’ll never forget.

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