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At Hunter & Barrel, we want each and every guest to experience the true joy of the feast – and what great meal is complete without the perfect libation to match?

Our wine menu has been curated by our expert sommeliers to beautifully complement everything on the Hunter & Barrel menu. Choose from a selection of full-bodied reds, refreshing whites and rosés from esteemed wine regions in Australia and around the globe, known for making some of the world’s best wines.

Perhaps you’re looking for a robust red wine to pair with your coal-fired beef sirloin or slow-roasted lamb shoulder over dinner. Or maybe you’d like a crisp dry white to sip on at lunch with some lightly fried squid. Whatever the occasion, our bar staff is on hand to recommend the perfect drop to suit your meal.

And if you’re tempted by something sweet after your main meal, pair it with a Riesling, Tawny Port or Semillon from our ‘sticky’ dessert wine selection.


The WineOrigin Gls (120ml)Btl
Innocent Bystander 275ml Pink Moscato NVMulti Region, VIC  $14
Dal zotto Prosecco NVKing Valley, VIC $10$54
Chandon ‘Blanc de Blanc’ Chardonnay NVYarra Valley, VIC  $72
Jansz Pontos Hill Vintage Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier 2017Coal River Valley, TAS $14$82


The WineOriginGls (150ml)Gls (250ml)Btl
Vasse Felix Classic Dry White Sav Blanc 2021Margaret River, WA$10$15$42
Opawa Sav Blanc 2021Marlborough, NZ$13$20$56
Shaw and smith Sav Blanc 2021Adelaide Hills, SA  $65
Catalina sounds  Pinot Gris 2021Marlborough, NZ  $69
Heirloom Pinot Grigio 2021Adelaide Hills, SA$13$20$59
Jim Barry ‘The Atherley’ Riesling 2022Clare Valley, SA$10$15$42
FOREST HILL ‘HIGHBURY FIELDS’ Chardonnay 2021Great Southern, WA$13 $20 $59
Red Claw Chardonnay 2019Mornington Peninsula, VIC$14$21$59
AMELIA PARK ‘ESTATE’ Chardonnay 2020Margaret River, WA  $69
Freycinet Chardonnay 2018Bicheno, TAS  $88


The WineOriginGls (150ml)Gls (250ml)Btl

Vasse Felix Classic Dry Rosé Shiraz 2021

Margaret River, WA$10$15$42
Triennes Grenache 2020Provence, France$12$19$56


The WineOriginGls (150ml)Gls (250ml)Btl
Vasse Felix Classic Dry Red  Shiraz 2020Margaret River, WA$10$15$42
Red Claw Shiraz 2018Heathcote, VIC  $68
Tarrawarra Estate Pinot Noir 2019Yarra Valley, VIC$14$22$62
Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir 2021Coal River Valley, TAS$18$28$82
Quartz Reef Pinot Noir 2018Central Otago, NZ  $110
Running with the Bulls Tempranillo 2020Barossa Valley, SA$13$19$56
Dandelion Vineyards Damsel of the Barossa
Merlot 2020
Barossa Valley, SA  $65
John Duval Concilio Grenache Shiraz 2021Barossa Valley, SA  $69
Bleasdale Generations Malbec 2018Langhorne Creek, SA$16$26$76
Trediberri d’Alba DOC Barbera 2019Barolo, Piedmont, Italy  $89
Yalumba ‘Wild Ferment’ Shiraz 2019Barossa Valley, SA$12$18$52
Rockbare RB1 Shiraz 2017Barossa Valley, SA$20$32$92
Two Hands ‘Bella’s Garden’ Shiraz 2016Barossa Valley, SA  $170
Heathcote ‘The Slaughterhouse’ Shiraz 2020Heathcote, VIC  $110
Two hands ‘Angels share’ Shiraz 2021McLaren Vale, SA  $89
Jim barry ‘The Mcrae Wood’ Shiraz 2014Clare Valley, SA  $115
Wirra Wirra ‘The Angelus’ Cab Sav 2018McLaren Vale, SA  $149
Hay Shed Hill Cab Sav 2019Margaret River, WA$12$19$59
West Cape Howe ‘Book Ends’ Cab Sav 2017Mt Barker, WA  $79
Cullen Cab Merlot 2021Margaret River, WA  $89


The WineOrigin Gls (90ml)Btl
Vasse FelixCane Cut’ Semillon 2021Margaret River, WA $12$48
Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling 2021Coal River Valley, TAS $12$48
Yalumba Antique Tawny Tawny NVBarossa Valley, SA $12$68
Valdespino ‘El Candado’ Pedro Ximinez Sherry NVJerez, Spain $10$70


Barrels 101

OAK is best suited to aging and flavouring wine. Coopers (barrel makers) use oak to make barrels. The two main types of oak used are French and American oak, named for the region and country in which they are grown.

French: adds subtle flavours, spices, vanilla, silky textures, slower integration.

American: stronger robust flavours, butterscotch, coconut, faster integration.

NEW VS OLD: New barrels are those that have never been used before, these will integrate flavours more aggressively. Old oak barrels used previously will take much longer to integrate oak flavour. New oak adds a much higher cost to the winemaking process. Winemakers generally prefer to use a combination of both to add complexity.

BARREL SIZES EXPLAINED: The size and age of a barrel plays a specific role in the winemaking process. Smaller barrels aggressively add flavour. Larger barrels slowly integrate a small amount (if any) oak flavour into the wine. Below are the most commonly used sizes of barrels in winemaking:

  • Barrique – 225 litre
  • Hogshead – 300 litre
  • Puncheon – 500 litre
  • Tun – up to 1000 litre
  • Foudre – up to 2500 litre

SOLERA SYSTEM: A Solera System is a unique & complex maturation process. Small amounts of wine are removed from the barrel and topped up with fresh wine each vintage. This fractional blending can take many years to achieve the desired result.

In the mood for something different?

Have a different drink in mind? Whatever your libation of choice may be, our full drinks list contains a diverse selection of barrel-aged cocktails, beers, wines and spirits – so you can slip into an old favourite or ask our bartenders for a recommendation to suit your meal.

For those who prefer alcohol-free refreshments, our mocktail list encapsulates our creative drinks-making philosophy, minus the alcohol. Sip on a refreshing Love of Lychee spritz, a fruity raspberry and Earl Grey number, or enjoy a fresh lemonade or juice at the bar.

And if bourbon or whisky is your weakness, why not try one of our hand-picked bourbon or whisky flights? Learn about the origins of classic whiskies and bourbons from around the globe as you enjoy the flavours of different varieties matured with unique cask finishes. Each flight comes with four styles of whisky or bourbon specially selected for their superb character.

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