Dining Rewards Club FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dining Rewards Club (DRC) is a diners loyalty program that consists of multiple restaurant brands and locations in Australia. You can easily earn Cashback, Rewards and access multiple Offers to use at any participating restaurants (6HEAD, The Meat & Wine Co, Ribs & Burgers, Italian Street Kitchen and Hunter & Barrel). As DRC launches for the first time, the participating restaurants will become available in DRC one brand at a time, starting with 6HEAD. We will notify all members every time a new brand joins the DRC program.

DRC Members earn Cashback every time they dine at any of the participating restaurants. Cashback can be accumulated and redeemed towards future transactions.

DRC Members also get a $10 Welcome Reward just for joining, and a Birthday Reward on their birthday month – plus access to exclusive Rewards and Offers!

Registering to DRC is free and easy. Simply go to diningrewards.com.au on any browser and follow the quick steps to create an account. If you’re on your mobile, you can save the website as an App by clicking on “Add to Home Screen” for easy access.

To make the process easy and efficient for you, as well as safe and secure, there is no need to create a password. Each time you login to your account, you will be sent a one-time verification code to your mobile to verify and access your DRC account. You do not have to follow this process every time you access the app, only when you actively log out and want to log back in.

Simply login to your account and go to the ‘Menu’ option to manage your details under ‘My Account’. From here, follow the prompts to edit your name, email address and State/Postcode. If you have a new mobile number or have incorrectly entered your birth date, you will need to contact Support to have this updated.

Cashback is earned and redeemed by scanning your DRC App at the time of payment in-store. To ensure your account is safe and secure, Staff may request proof of identity when redeeming Cashback, so it is best you are present when using an account registered to your name.

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can do so by contacting Support via the DRC App or at [email protected] Just remember, once your account is deactivated you will lose all accrued Cashback, Offers, Rewards and any Benefits. If you wish to rejoin later, simply complete the registration process again, however a second Welcome Reward will not be issued again.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be eligible to earn and accumulate Dollars (‘Cashback’) on every qualifying transaction when you scan your App at the time of payment at any of the DRC participating restaurants. Cashback is earned on the net amount paid in a transaction (excluding promotional items, discounts, vouchers, offers, tips, Cashback redeemed, GST or gift cards), and available to be redeemed off future transactions. DRC members are entitled to a Cashback earn rate.

Cashback has a rolling 12 months expiry date from the day of accrual, which is when you dined with us. It’s a great reason to visit any of our participating restaurants, enjoy a meal and redeem!

You can earn and redeem your Cashback across any of DRC’s participating brands and restaurants in Australia. That means you can enjoy the taste of all our restaurants and be rewarded anywhere (includes The Meat & Wine Co, 6 HEAD, Ribs & Burgers, Italian Street Kitchen and Hunter & Barrel). Cashback can only be earned and redeemed in-store, it is not available through online ordering or delivery.

We love to reward our Members! DRC issues a Welcome Reward and Birthday Reward to all members plus ongoing surprise & delights, so keep an eye out for exclusive Offers to redeem in-store.

  • Welcome Reward – New members receive an introductory $10 Cashback Reward to be used at a participating restaurant of your choice. The Cashback Dollars are issued on the day of registration, so make sure to book in your reservation!
  • Birthday Reward – All members receive a Birthday Cashback Reward in their account on the 1st day of their Birthday month. Make sure your account is updated with your birth date at least one month prior to your birthday to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Ongoing Offers – Make sure to check the Offers section of your app regularly to not miss out on any of our Offers, like bonus Cashback days!

Yes! Treat your Cashback as a payment type towards your net bill amount (excluding promotional items, discounts, vouchers, offers, tips, Cashback Dollars redeemed, GST or gift cards). After your Offer has been applied, such as a free burger, you can redeem your existing Cashback balance on the remainder of your bill. If you still have a balance owing on your bill, you will then earn Cashback on that amount. Only one Offer can be redeemed per transaction. Purchases of promotional items and/or discounted items or items purchased using vouchers or gift cards will not accrue Cashback.

If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer and DRC Member, you will only be able to use one program per transaction – you either earn and/or redeem Qantas Points or DRC Cashback. Our payment system in-store will offer you both selections for you to choose.

All you need to do is click on the ‘Bookings’ option along the bottom menu in the App, pick your venue of choice and follow the prompts to make your reservation.

Everytime you login to the DRC App, a verification code will be sent to your mobile. It only takes a few seconds, however if you don’t get the SMS, make sure to check your correct mobile number is typed in and press the ‘Resend Code’ button to try again. If the code still doesn’t reach you, please contact Support at [email protected]

While you will need to sign up again on the new and improved DRC loyalty program, we have made the process super simple. Plus, you still get the $10 Welcome Reward! Make sure to sign up to DRC via diningrewards.com.au on any browser, using the same mobile number from your old loyalty account – then leave the rest to us! If you sign up to DRC with a different mobile number as your previous loyalty account, please contact Support at [email protected] so we can manually transfer over any old unused Cashback. Your previous Cashback balance from any old participating brand’s loyalty account will be transferred to your new DRC account within 7 days. Please note that any old loyalty account rewards will be forfieted. The good news is, the new DRC program will have even more exciting offers and rewards coming your way!

We want you to know that you can trust us with your personal information, and that we respect your privacy and rights in relation to your personal information under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Act”) including the Australian Privacy Principles contained within schedule 1 of the Act. Refer to our DRC Privacy Policy for more information.

If you’ve had no luck finding what you need, simply contact Support via the App or email us directly at [email protected]


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