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After Work Drinks in Parramatta

Do you work out west in the Parramatta region? Feel like winding down after a long day in the office and sharing some drinks with your colleagues? Enjoy the refined atmosphere of Hunter & Barrel for your after-work drinks in Paramatta. We have drink specials and bar food to share.

Join us on the Parramatta Wharf, Monday to Friday 4pm until 6pm. 

Discover Parramatta’s Premier Destination for After Work Drinks

Hunter & Barrel is the ultimate after work drinks location. Set on the Parramatta Wharf, you can enjoy watching boats meandering by on the Parramatta River. It is a central location in Parramatta, easy to get to after work, and easy to find transport home again afterwards, with the Blue Mountains line just a short walk away.

The atmosphere at Hunter & Barrel is casual and friendly. Our staff do their best to make your evening enjoyable and easy-going. Book an outside table, bring your friends, relax and enjoy the vibe.


The Best After Work Drinks Sydney Has to Offer

Hunter & Barrel are the best after works drinks Sydney has to offer. While we have some drink specials on our after works drinks menu, make sure you check out our full wine list, drinks list and our cocktail menu to discover the full range of beverages you can enjoy with us.

If you’re looking for a place to relax with workmates, or to meet friends after work in Sydney, Hunter & Barrel is the best place to be.

Pre Dinner Drinks to Start Your Evening Right

Sitting at the bar and relaxing with some pre-dinner drinks, waiting for your friends to arrive, is a perfect time to be social, chat and peruse the menu. Have a pre-dinner alcoholic drink, such as a glass of wine, to match with a steak or burger later in the evening.

You can start your evening with a pre-dinner cocktail, something fun to set a bubbly mood for your dinner. How about one of our barrel-aged spirits to begin your night?

The best pre-dinner drinks in Sydney? Hunter & Barrel.


Why Choose Hunter & Barrel for Your Evening Aperitif

Where you start your night really sets the tone. Hunter & Barrel has a friendly vibe with welcoming staff and a well-stocked bar. You can enjoy a range of world-class wines, fine ales or some barrel-aged spirits, for a smooth beginning.

The relaxed atmosphere and classy decor also help set your mood. Big bay windows overlooking Parramatta Wharf, with a well-lit, modern wooden interior and a warm feeling from the crowd.

Plus, you get to choose exciting snacks and entrees from our menu. 

Perfect Pairings: Best Pre Drinking Meals

Pre-drinking meals are a staple of your kick-off drinks. You don’t want to fill yourself up but you want something tasty to warm the taste buds up for what is to come.

With Hunter & Barrel, my team have taken the bar snack idea and raised the bar, giving you the best pre-drinking meals in Sydney. You can choose from delicious cheese bread, or some smoky chilli wings. We have three kinds of tacos to choose from or a fancy three-cheese dip and bread.

Feel good with some quality pre dinner drinks and snacks to share, thanks to Hunter & Barrel.

Early Evening Drinks and Late Afternoon Beverages

My Parramatta location caters for those who want to relax in the late afternoon sun with a chill glass of wine, or beer, and a plate of calamari before heading home. Or, if you’re just starting your evening with a neat spirit or a glass of champagne while you snack on the three-cheese dip, Hunter & Barrel is the perfect place to be.

Have a relaxed end to your day, or a casual start to your evening, with Hunter & Barrel Parramatta.

Your Next After Work Destination Awaits

Hunter & Barrel Parramatta is the best destination for your after work drinks with friends. Have some delicious bar food to share, enjoy some premium wine or cocktails, download the day and then head home happy.