What Are The Beverages Or Best Sides For Steak?

Best Sides For Steak

A question for all lovers and connoisseurs of steak, what are the best sides for steak? After all, there is truly nothing quite like a delicious, tender cut of steak. When cooked to perfection they showcase a light, pink centre, a delightful buttery texture, a delicious crust, and of course, an incredible flavour. So, it makes sense that it be paired with the perfect beverage or the best sides for steak.  This would do true justice to a beautiful piece of meat you are about to partake whilst enhancing those rich flavours, rather than dulling them. 

Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the best accompaniments so that you can enjoy your next piece of steak to the fullest extent.

Best Sides For Steak: The Ultimate Steak Sauces

When cooked correctly, a juicy cut of steak merely needs a little bit of salt and pepper to season it, however, that doesn’t mean a delicious steak sauce won’t be incredible to accompany it. Here are some of the best sauces to accompany as the best sides for steak.

Peppercorn Sauce

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, and not a truer word has been said when it comes to a rich peppercorn sauce. The go-to for steak sauces, it’s a classic for a reason. The kick of the pepper adds some dimension to the richness of the steak, and together they create a creamy, sensational flavour that you’ll be thinking about long past the end of your meal. One of our favourites has to be the classic peppercorn sauce from our very own Hunter & Barrel menu, once you’ve had the best, you won’t settle for less.

Mushroom Sauce

Continuing on the cream sauce route, another strong favourite has to be the mushroom sauce. This delightful pairing takes the creaminess and rich flavour of the mushroom and pairs it with that strong and salty steak flavour. Together they create a truly decadent concoction that will delight the palate. Rather than the two flavours working against each other, they work together for a luxurious tasting plate.  

The Very Best Side Dishes 

Sometimes you need a different flavour to truly help you appreciate your steak. However, with so many varying side dishes with a plethora of flavours and textures, what are the best sides for steak? Well, we’re here to help and suggest the best possible options to go with that delicious steak.  

Shoestring Fries, Chips, Or Roast Potato

Much like the sauces, sometimes it’s better not to overcomplicate things. The humble potato is a truly marvellous vegetable, as it can transform into so many different mediums. For many steak lovers, a shoestring fry is the way to go. The delicate, soft texture of the steak paired with the satisfying crunch of chips or roast potatoes is incredibly pleasant. As well as that, although roast potatoes or chips both have a delicious salty, buttery taste, they do not overpower the flavours of the steak, making them a decadent but well-matched side. 

Seasonal Greens

Sometimes you need to find a flavour that opposes your main so that there’s a little contrast on your plate and you don’t feel full or bored with your meal. Seasonal greens are the perfect companion to your steak as they add that little bit of freshness that will prevent your steak from feeling a little flat or overpowering. The freshness and the crunch are a welcome change to your palate, and the light, fresh flavours are a wonderful palate cleanser. When you join us for dinner at Hunter & Barrel, we’ll be sure to cater to your every need with our delectable seasonal greens offering, book a table at Hunter & Barrel’s Melbourne restaurant today for your chance to taste. 

The Perfect Wine Pairing As The Best Sides For Steak

Of course with a sumptuous piece of steak, you’ll need a beautiful glass of wine, so what will you be choosing this evening? Typically red meat is paired with a red wine, so rather than experimenting with new flavours, let’s stick with the tried and true favourites. If you’ve opted for a rib-eye, or an alternative cut of steak with a little more fat, then a shiraz will pair perfectly. Shiraz often has a higher acidity level and higher tannins with strong, rich, peppery notes to it, this in fact mimics the flavours of your beautiful cut of steak, making them a harmonious pairing. 

Alternatively, if you’re just starting out with reds, but you’re still looking for an enjoyable glass to accompany your steak, then opt for a Malbec. Their high acidity means that they’ll cut through the strong flavours of the meat and provide a welcome tanginess, without being overpowering. 

However, if you simply wish to opt for your favourite vino, pretty much any red will work well. Plus, if it’s already a tipple that you love, and you’re pairing it with an already delicious cut of steak, there’s not much that could go wrong. So book in at Hunter & Barrel’s gorgeous Raine Square venue, and let us crack open a bottle of your go-to. 


A delicious piece of steak deserves delicious accompaniments. So, whether you’ve opted for a balanced bottle of Malbec with some duck fat potatoes and a light layer of peppercorn sauce, or instead chosen a light Pinot Noir to pair with your seasonal greens and said no to the sauce and simply gone with a bit of salt and pepper, you’re sure to be delighted with how the combination of flavours excite your palate as the best sides for steak. So, if you’re looking for a truly divine dining experience to enjoy your next steak, secure your table at Hunter & Barrel, we’ll save you a seat. Visit our homepage for more details!