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Posted: March 27, 2022
Mothers Day at H&B

There’s nothing quite like mums. Even in the worst crisis, she’s always there with a hug, some sage advice, and a good home-cooked meal. 

We should all be celebrating our mums every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to truly show her what she means to us.

This year, on May 8th, why not try a staycation? Treat your mum to a day out as if you were visiting as tourists. Make the most of everything Melbourne has to offer, including a stop at Hunter & Barrel in Ringwood.

Brunch at… just about anywhere

Is it really Mother’s Day in Melbourne without a lovely brunch? Save her the crumbs in bed and take her out to one of the city’s many delectable brunch spots.

Higher Ground is a popular (and beautiful) location, or you can try Rustica Sourdough for their world-class house-made bread and pastries. Alternatively, for something a little different and a lot delicious, jump in line for Plain Sailing in Elwood.

A stroll along the beach

After a big breakfast, grab a tea or coffee to go and make your way to the beach for a stroll. 

St Kilda is obviously always a winner, but she might already have a favourite you can whisk her away to. Be sure to grab a few photos together while you’re there.

Shop for a gift on Chapel Street

From second-hand and vintage to high-end, Chapel Street is Melbourne’s buzziest shopping destination.

And how many times has your mum taken you shopping for something you need? It’s time to return the favour – and the fun. 

Take a stroll through the shops and keep an eye out for something she loves. Whether it’s a scarf for winter, a pair of cute earrings, or a book she’s heard good things about, every vacation should include a souvenir or two, so make sure her Mother’s Day staycation has something to remember it by as well.

Put your feet up at with a pre-drink cocktail at Beneath Driver Lane

Beneath Driver Lane is one of the coolest bars in Melbourne. It’s located in an old bank vault, and perfectly combines the relaxed vibe of a casual speakeasy and the upscale sentiment of a classy cocktail bar. 

Order your mum’s favourite cocktail and cheers to an excellent day together (be sure to grab another photo together with your drinks).

Dinner at Hunter & Barrel

Finally, it’s time for a Mother’s Day dinner in Melbourne to remember. 

Make your way to Hunter & Barrel where you can treat your mum to a hearty and delicious feast made the hunter’s way. You’ll feel the cosy warmth and smell the coal grill firing away as you walk in, and choose from a selection of premium steaks, succulent fresh seafood, and incredible dishes that will be the perfect cap on the end of a perfect day. 

And that’s not even mentioning the wine list

Make your booking for Hunter & Barrel Melbourne to celebrate your mum with a staycation that spans the city and shows her just how much you appreciate everything about her.

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