How to prepare your stomach and your mind for a feast in Raine Square

Hunter & Barrel Raine Square

Dining at Hunter & Barrel in Perth is all about doing it the hunter’s way. Here is how to prepare for a feast at Hunter & Barrel Raine Square.

It’s about sharing, and about sharing big – our feasts are made to be enjoyed by a group, with every person leaving feeling like they couldn’t fit in any more. 

With that in mind, it might pay to think about how you can prepare to enjoy the day’s hunt to its fullest. Here are our tips on preparing your stomach and your mind for a shared feasting experience. 

Do some exercise during the day 

There’s nothing like exercising to work up an appetite and prepare for a feast. 

We recommend exercising like our ancestral hunters and gatherers did – chasing around after mammoths or running from fierce lions. 

If you don’t have too many wild animals in your neighbourhood, a light jog will do the trick. Exercise will use your existing energy and signal your brain that it’s time to fuel up. 

Drink water (but not too much)

Drinking more water in the lead-up to your feast can help to expand your stomach to make it ready for all the delicious things you want to put in there. 

This will help to give you a little more space without actually eating more to make your stomach expand. 

Of course, be careful not to fill up on water either. 

Plan your feast 

Getting ready for a big meal is an exciting mental endeavour as much as a physical one. 

As such, planning your moves can help you to prepare mentally for the flavour explosion that’s to come. 

Have a read through the Hunter & Barrel a la carte menu to decide which dishes you think would be best for your table. Will it be a Feast for Two to try a little of several dishes, or will you go big with a 1.1 kilogram tomahawk steak, or something in between? 

Whatever you have your eye on, looking forward to what’s coming will help to prime you for an exceptional meal. 

Don’t starve yourself beforehand

Not only will starving yourself deprive you of a day of good food, it won’t actually help you eat more or enjoy your meal any more than you would otherwise. 

It’s more likely that you’ll be so hungry that you’ll go into overdrive when the meal arrives. You’ll eat it so quickly that you won’t have time to enjoy it. Then, potentially end up with a stomach ache from eating so much so fast. 

Instead, eat normally during the day, and only skip an afternoon snack to ensure you’ve got an appetite for dinner. 

We promise the food is so good that you’d discover an appetite even if you had just eaten a full meal before arriving. 

Make your booking 

Let your stomach and your taste buds know it’s time to get excited by locking in a booking at Hunter & Barrel Raine Square in Perth.