Everything you should know about our coal-roasted skewers

Coal Roasted Skewers

It doesn’t get much more ‘primitive’ than a classic meat skewer – unless of course you roast it over hot coals. And that is exactly what you’ll find on the menu at Hunter & Barrel. 

At Hunter & Barrel, succulent, bite-sized pieces of quality meats are carefully layered onto a thin wooden skewer, then placed tantalisingly close to our hot coals. And in some cases, these juicy morsels are joined by slivers of capsicum, onion, and other goodies to further amp up that flavour profile, and add extra colour and texture to your meal. 

Creating the perfect meat skewers is an art-form, and one that has been perfected over a millennia. In fact, food on a stick may be as old as 300,000 years – evidence of prehistoric skewers from the Lower Paleolithic era has been found in Germany, suggesting that our generation is by no means the first to relish in this simple and exceptional dish. 

Hunter & Barrel is not solely a skewer restaurant, but one that celebrates the traditions and techniques that date back to the days of the hunter, when there were few pleasures as pure and simple as meat on a stick. 

Meat skewers at Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel doesn’t just serve an exceptional skewer – we serve an array of them. There are no fewer than six skewers options on the a la carte menu, each more delicious than the last, and all served with your choice of chunky fries or a green salad. 

Our Harissa Kangaroo skewer offers something a little different. It is accompanied by harissa for a powerful flavour hit, as well as Spanish onion and capsicum. If you’re not sure where you can try kangaroo meat in Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth, now’s your chance!

One of the more popular skewer recipes on the menu is the Portuguese Chicken Thigh skewer, which comes with a lemon and yoghurt basting that adds a zesty, rich flavour that’s hard to beat. Another classic is the Honey Glazed Pork Belly, which brings together the sweetness of honey with the richness of pork belly and a subtle coriander glaze to bring out the best in these traditional flavours. 

And for those who love a classic steak, try the Wagyu Beef, which comes with a rosemary, lemon and garlic glaze. This special steak is second-to-none, and a wonderful way of sampling wagyu if you’ve never tried it before. Or for something more familiar, try the Rump Cap Skewer, a hearty, filling meal with a spice rub, as well as lemon and rosemary. 

Perhaps unlike the original ‘hunter’, our hunters also have the option of a seafood skewer. The Salmon and Albacore Tuna Loin skewer fuses the best of the ocean with one of the best cooking techniques from the land for an unforgettable coal-roasted dish. 

Each of these skewers are cooked over hot coals, giving them a crispy, charcoal-like texture and a tender, perfectly cooked centre that simply falls from the skewer and explodes with flavour on your tongue. Release the hunter in you and try a coal-roasted shish kabob at your nearest Hunter & Barrel tonight.