Autumn’s coming and so are these 10 new seasonal menu items

Hunter & Barrel Dining

The weather is finally starting to cool, and as much as many of us are looking forward to some chillier snug days, we’re equally anticipating the fantastic seasonal food that’s about to arrive. 

Hunter & Barrel always incorporates seasonal foods into our menus, which helps keep every dish as flavourful and vibrant as possible. 

Exceptional seasonal food in winter and autumn is right around the corner, which is why we’re updating our menus in April. 

Come in soon to try one of these 10 examples of the best seasonal food in Australia!

Crumbed cauliflower bites

Who says crumbed bites can’t be at least somewhat good for you? This vegetarian snack is warm, crunchy, and absolutely perfect to nibble on with a drink and a friend. 

Roasted cauliflower bake

This vegetarian meal is a warm and hearty dish brimming with flavour. The roasting cooks the cauliflower to perfection, creating a veritable hug of a dish for those cooler days. 

Coal-roasted mushroom skewer 

Hunter and barrel is known for our coal roasted meats, and now we’re offering more vegetarian meals with this coal-roasted mushroom skewer. Laden with hearty mushrooms and roasted for a satisfyingly crispy skin, this skewer is an excellent starter for any meal. 

Slow-roasted eggplant 

There’s something about slow roasting that brings out the best in eggplant. Or perhaps it’s our chefs. Either way, this filling vegetarian meal is sure to be a hit in the coming months for a lighter, meat-free option that satisfies. 

Pumpkin and cauliflower croquettes with vegan aioli 

Hunter & Barrel is not a vegetarian restaurant, but we do make a determined effort to offer options for all preferences. This pumpkin and cauliflower dish ticks all the boxes, and is flavoursome enough to be a fast favourite amongst vegans and meat-eaters alike. 

Honey roasted pumpkin 

It can be tough to find great vegan meals, but this honey roasted pumpkin certainly hits the spot. The sweetness of honey brings out the rich flavours in pumpkin, and the roasting process adds a divine crispiness to this filling, warming vegan meal. 

Beef cheeks with cauliflower and broccolini 

The best seasonal food brings together multiple flavours and textures for a supremely satisfying meal. This beef cheeks dish ties in cauliflower and broccolini for a complete meal that makes the most of the fresh produce of the season. 

Porcini mushroom mac and cheese

Some days, you simply need the comfort and cheesiness of a great mac and cheese. With the extra flavour profile of the porcini mushroom and the bubbly, gooey goodness of a quality mac and cheese, this dish will be hard to go past. 

Coal-roasted salmon skewer 

Uniquely flavoursome and always delicious, salmon tastes so good it feels like it should be bad for you. In this new dish, we coal roast succulent morsels so every bite is an explosion of taste, warmth, and juicy texture.  

Whether you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Sydney, a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne, or a meat-lovers paradise in Perth, these new dishes from Hunter & Barrel will tick all the boxes this season. 

Make a booking to try one of our excellent new dishes.