Drinking From the Oak Barrels: What Does Barrel-Aged Mean?

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Everything ages and alcohol is no exception to the rule. With age comes depth and refinement, this depth and refinement in liquor gives it a unique colour and flavour. But what exactly happens in those oak barrels that transforms the liquor into liquid gold?

BARRELS OF BEER & WINE! What exactly is Barrel-Aged?  

Rooted in Celtic history, the technique of barrel aging is precisely as the name suggests. It is the process of aging liquor by storing distilled spirits, beer or wine in oak barrels for a specific period of time. The alcohol is typically stored anywhere from a week up to several years.

These oak barrels are typically made of natural oak. The oak ensures the wood can expand and contract with varying temperatures and humidity. Additionally, over time the oak barrels allow vapour to pass outside the oak barrel and gradually move oxygen into the aging process. The oak barrel also acts as a flavour balancing filter by removing unwanted flavours such as those produced from ethanol with a flavour sensation similar to rubbing alcohol – certainly not a flavour you want! If barrel aging is anything, it is intelligent, and one must respect this almost artistic process.

you can even barrel age cocktails

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