The Perfect Skewer for you

Posted: August 5, 2021

If you are on the ‘hunt’ for the perfect restaurant near me, a sizzling lamb skewer may provide what you are looking for! Our Eastland, Melbourne or Perth restaurants offer the experience of charcoal roasted skewers, good company and refreshing sips of your favourite barrel-aged brew. Let’s look through some Hunter & Barrel skewer options and find the skewer for you.


If you like your chicken on sticks and you’re looking to savour the flavours of Portugal, these Portuguese marinated chicken thigh skewers (or chicken on sticks, some call them) sure do deliver. The perfection starts with the meat cut, and with chicken thigh, you can expect every-single-bite to be tender and full of flavour.


Pork belly is a timeless favourite for a reason, and that reason is that it melts in the mouth and delivers an unforgettable flavour. Hunter & Barrel Honey Glazed Pork Belly Skewers give you a taste of meat you won’t forget easily. By braising the meat,  and by pairing it with a sticky chilli glaze ensures all the flavour and tenderness you’d expect.


If you are a seafood lover, you must try our dukkah marinated smoked prawns with a saltbush pesto. By smoking the prawns, all the flavours are enhanced to deliver smokey and moreish meat. If you want to eat seafood as you have never tried before, this is perfect for you.


For the lamb lovers, we have ‘the’ lamb skewer for you! A combination of tender lamb rump, paired with the perfect blend of herbs and spices, ensures these lamb skewers won’t disappoint. Our lamb skewers combine the perfect pairing of rosemary, garlic, oregano and lemon marinade to bring out all the flavour from this succulent cut of lamb.


Wagyu is known as the premium of all premium breeds of meat. It’s hard to find quality that can impress time and time again quite like Wagyu. Our Wagyu skewers won’t fail to impress with the perfect flavour combination using garlic, rosemary, onion petals and Hunter’s basting marinade. 


At Hunter & Barrel, we pride ourselves on embracing raw elements to bring out the most flavour in our meat.  We enhance the taste of our skewers by using the rustic method of charcoal-roasting. When we charcoal roast we place the skewers over open charcoal and cook to a smoky perfection.

Our menu at our Perth or our Eastland, Melbourne restaurants deliver skewer perfection alongside many other unforgettable meals. So take a look for yourself and see how we can help satisfy your cravings on your next Hunter & Barrel visit.

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