Elevate your whiskey knowledge with these 5 facts

Hunter & Barrel Whisky

Barrels are not just part of our name and our decor – they are part of our dedication to serving a range of beverages for the thirsty connoisseur. From our barrel-aged cocktails to our spirits available on the rocks, our specially curated drinks menu is sure to please. 

If you’re looking for a whisky bar in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth, visit Hunter & Barrel for our vast range of whiskey options on our beverages menu. Also keep in mind that we offer both a bourbon and whiskey tasting experience in Sydney and at our other locations, which can introduce you to a selection of our most impressive drops. 

In the meantime, here are X interesting facts about your favourite tipple.  

1/ 2% of barreled-whiskey goes to ‘angels’ 

Every year that whiskey sits in its barrel, roughly 2 per cent of the liquid evaporates. 

This process is known as ‘the angel’s pinch’, and is traditionally an important belief that goes hand in hand with whiskey making in some places. 

2/ Whiskey begins its life as beer 

Whiskey is usually made from something called distiller’s beer, which begins with a process of fermenting grains. 

Recently, experimental distillers are working with actual beer as new foundations for whiskey. This tends to create hoppy whiskeys with sudsy characteristics, so could be the perfect fusion if beer and whiskey are your two favourite drinks! 

3/ Australians really love whiskey 

According to Roy Morgan, Australians drink almost 19 million glasses of whiskey, on average, every four weeks. 

That figure is up from 16 million glasses in 2009, so it seems our love affair for the amber liquid is on the rise. 

4/ The largest bottle of whiskey in the world holds 228 Litres

In 2012, Famous Grouse created a World Guiness Record winning bottle of whiskey that contained a massive 228 Litres of the drop – more than 300 times the amount found in a standard 750mL bottle. 

The brand created the record-breaking bottle to coincide with their birthday and the opening of the English shooting season for the Red Grouse bird. The bottle stood at 1.7 metres tall, which is roughly the size of the average person at 5 ft 7 in. 

5/ Jack Daniel learned to make whiskey at age 6

Jack Daniels is one of the most well-known names in whiskey today – and is a popular choice at Hunter & Barrel. 

But did you know that Jack Daniel, the man behind the brand, starting making whiskey at age 6? Not only that, but after many decades telling the world that Jack learned the art of distilling from a preacher and distiller by the name of Dan Call, they recently altered their story to explain that Jack actually learned from a man named Nearis Green – one of Call’s slaves. 

Use these facts to impress your mates during your next whiskey tasting in Sydney, and see what else you can learn when you visit our restaurant and whiskey bar in Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney.