Hunter & Barrel isn’t just for meat eaters

Whitford Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel is certainly a restaurant where steaks, ribs, and other meats are key items on the menu. However, our vegetarians meals are by no means an afterthought. 

We have crafted a menu that aims to be just as appealing to vegetarians as it is to meat eaters, and offer an easy solution for groups comprised of both to enjoy a fantastic meal together. 

With an array of meat-free starters and mains, we are one of the go-to vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne and Perth. 

Take a look at our menus to see for yourself, or read on to learn about some of the exceptional vegetarian food options available at Hunter & Barrel. 

Hot Cheese Dip

There are few ways to start a meal indulgently as with a Hot Cheese Dip. Served with grilled flatbread, this is the ideal starter for a cold day, or when you simply need something hot and delicious. 

Naturally, the Hot Cheese Dip is a great accompaniment to a glass of wine and a catch up with friends. 

Herb Roasted Pumpkin Skewer

Instead of the usual ‘half roasted cauliflower’, we’ve opted for something a little different for our signature vegetarian dish – the Herb Roasted Pumpkin Skewer. 

This warm, flavourful and filling dish includes zucchini, capsicum, and onion, all brushed with a heavenly honey miso butter to bring out their natural flavours. 

This skewer is the perfect meal if you’re looking for something packed with nutrients and flavour, or even simply as a lighter option to our meat skewers. 

Cast Iron Button Mushrooms 

Who doesn’t love a pile of warm buttery mushrooms? 

This side dish is one of our favourites, and it pairs well with any meat or vegetarian dish. These mushrooms are flavourful and filling, and make for a warming addition to your meal. 

Mac & Cheese 

Hunter & Barrel is a premium dining experience, but even the simplest dish – the humble Mac and Cheese – is welcome on our menu when it adds such a delicious and popular element to any meal. 

Mac & Cheese is an option on our Little Hunter’s menu, but it is also available as a side dish with any main, adding a hearty and hot cheesefest to your meal that would make meat eater salivate. 

Char-grilled Pumpkin

Char-grilled Pumpkin is a favourite amongst our side dishes, as it adds a rich, hot flavour element that’s perfectly cooked on the inside and lightly crispy and charred on the outside. 

To finish this side plate, we add lashings of cool Greek yoghurt, as well as coriander and chilli for an extra flavour kick. 

Of course, Hunter & Barrel also offers a variety of fish and seafood meals for the pescatarians, as well as salads and a variety of vegetables as side plates to add extra greenery and goodness to any main meal. When you’re ready to visit one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Perth or Melbourne, make a booking online to reserve a seat.