Why Hunter & Barrel is the ideal Perth date night restaurant

Raine Square Hunter & Barrel Perth

Regardless of whether it’s your first date with a new love interest or the 100th with a long-term partner, there’s always something special about date night. 

From the excitement of getting ready and deciding what to wear to sneakily looking up the restaurant menu online before you arrive, date night is always a fantastic evening out with someone you care about. 

So if you’re looking for date night ideas in Perth, take a look at exactly why we think Hunter & Barrel is one of the most romantic restaurants in Perth for a sweet dinner with your other half (or perhaps, soon to be other half). 

The perfect romantic setting 

Despite the fact that a movie is often seen as one of the top ‘go to’ date night ideas, there is really very little romantic about it – you can’t talk to each other, or even look at one another. Instead, opt for a dinner setting, where you can stare dreamily into one another’s eyes and chat the night away. 

At Hunter & Barrel, we have carefully crafted a setting ideal for romantic date nights. Our tables are carefully spaced so you won’t be squashed next to another group, our chairs are relaxed and comfortable, our lighting is neither too bright nor too dark, and our background music is upbeat but not overpowering. 

Food made for sharing 

While you are more than welcome to order a meal each from our standard menu, we also offer the perfect food option for daters – our feasts. 

We have three feasts to choose from, each of which varies slightly depending on your preferences. This way, whether you opt for the Hunter’s, King’s, or Royal Feast, you’ll have an opportunity to bond over your meal as you try some of our best fare together. 

You can then follow up your meal with our Gatherer’s Dessert, which lets you choose two desserts of your choice to enjoy together. 

A drinks menu as attractive as your date

You don’t become one of the top restaurants in Perth without a drinks menu that’s every bit as varied and delicious as a food menu, which is why you’ll find that our Barrel menu is complete with every tipple you could hope for during your date night. 

Celebrating an anniversary? Our bubbles menu includes by the glass and bottle options from around Australia and Europe. 

Enjoying a casual first date? Our beers and ciders are on tap and bottled, and always perfectly chilled. 

Fancy something a little different? Our cocktails include all your favourite classics, as well as a number of special barrel-aged cocktails expertly made by our bartenders. 

And for those who have a shared love of bourbon or whiskey, we offer flights of each so you can taste a range of our very best. 

Hunter & Barrel is one of the best date night restaurants in Perth, so set a ‘date’ and bring your partner in for a romantic night of great food and drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, and an incredible evening to remember.