Love lamb? 4 lamb dishes at Hunter & Barrel you can’t miss

Royal Feast - Hunter & Barrel

There’s a lot to love about lamb. 

This rich meat offers a unique flavour that nothing else quite comes close to – it’s succulent, satisfying, and endlessly flexible when it comes to preparing and cooking lamb dishes. 

At Hunter & Barrel, we relish in an impeccable lamb dish just as much as you do, which is why you’ll find it in four Hunter menu items when you visit us in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth. 

Consider ordering one of these lamb dishes the next time you’re in for a meal to try some of the most delicious lamb you’ve had in your life! 

Braised lamb shank 

Found on our Fare Game menu, our braised lamb shank dish is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. 

Braised lamb shank is traditionally served on the bone, with meat that’s so perfectly cooked it slides off the bone at the mere touch of your knife. Our shanks certainly follow these expectations, but we add our own twist by wrapping them in pastry for a satisfying light crunch in each mouthful, then adding a mixed berry jus for a little sweetness to cut through the rich flavours of lamb and pastry. 

We finish the dish with mash & buttered carrots for a full meal that will have you coming back for more again and again.

Roast lamb shoulder 

Our roast lamb shoulder is also on our Fare Game menu, and it’s a dish that will put every other Sunday roast in Sydney to shame. 

A good lamb shoulder should melt off the bone, burst with flavour and textures, and offer the perfect balance between just enough seasoning to elevate the flavours, but not too much seasoning to overwhelm the naturally rich and delicious flavours of the meat. 

The roast lamb shoulder is the definition of a perfectly prepared and cooked lamb shoulder. And to round out the meal, we add a refreshing and light tzatziki to smear over your bite of lamb as liberally as you please. 

We finish the plate with hearty thick cut chips, a light salad, and flatbread, so there is zero chance of walking away from this dish feeling any kind of hunger or dissatisfaction. 

The King’s Feast

The King’s Feast is one of our platters that is designed for sharing between two people, and it’s the perfect option if you absolutely love lamb dishes – but you also love chicken, pork, and beef just as much. 

Order the King’s Feast and receive a platter with a hearty serving of roast lamb shoulder, as well as our succulent chicken skewers, pork ribs, and eye of rump. It also comes with a chopped green salad, thick cut chips, grilled flatbread, apple fennel slaw, and tzatziki. 

The Royal Feast

Finally, you will also find our lamb in the Royal Feast, our ultimate sharing platter designed for two. 

This plate kicks off with a hot cheese dip to share, before diving into the main event with braised lamb shank, eye fillet, and beef short rib. This trio of tasty meats is joined by a chopped green salad and thick cut chips, so be sure to work up an appetite before you arrive.