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Posted: September 30, 2019

We can spend years searching for the perfect cocktail. That drink that fuses the perfect blend of flavours with premium ingredients and spirits that linger smoothly on the tongue yet never feel too sharp. 

It’s an ongoing search, and in a world of perfectly average cocktails, Hunter & Barrel stand out from the crowd with impeccable cocktails every time you order. 

Hunter & Barrel is often known as one of the best wine bars for our extensive wine list, but we have also put just as much thought and care into our cocktail list. These beverages are perfect by themselves with nothing but great company and an exceptional view, or they can be paired with our sumptuous lunch and dinner menus

However you prefer your cocktails, those at Hunter & Barrel are not to be missed. Here’s why. 

Find out what makes our barrel-aged cocktails so special

Our selection of barrel-aged cocktails includes a range of drinks lovingly crafted with spirits that have been allowed to rest in oak barrels. 

Rather than just sounding impressive, barrel-aged spirits do have more impressive taste profiles than your standard drinks. 

That’s because when given enough time, the colours and chemical compounds in the oak find their way into the spirit, adding their own subtle flavours. This is why aged spirits can sometimes taste slightly like vanilla and spice, as oak timber has the same compounds of cloves and vanilla. 

So when you order our barrel-aged Hunter’s Mojito, you’re not just getting ordinary rum, you’re getting a special blend of aged Appleton Rum and Baron Samedi Spiced Rum. 

It’s a similar story for all of our barrel-aged cocktails, as we strive to take those small steps that take a good cocktail to an excellent one – and make us one of the best cocktail bars in Sydney. 

On the hunt for our Hunter’s House Cocktails

If you don’t feel like our barrel-aged spirits are to your taste, there’s an entire second cocktail menu for you to peruse. 

Here, we get a little creative with alcohol bases and spirits that don’t need to be barrel aged to find their maximum flavour. 

Consider the Rosé Revolution, a fun and bubbly cocktail with a rosé brut base, perfect for sunny afternoons on the patio or a flirty date night. 

Or try a Pear Thief, a sweet and fruity vodka cocktail that blends apple juice and pear liqueur and keeps things very interesting with a little smoked rosemary to cut through that sweetness and add something totally different. 

At Hunter & Barrel, our dedication to fine beverages is right there in the name. And we’re not just one of Australia’s best wine restaurants – we also excel in cocktails.   

So whether you’re looking for casual cocktails to get your night started in style, or cocktail party venues for a special occasion, Hunter & Barrel offers some of the most exquisitely crafted beverages in the country. Book a table at Eastland in Melbourne or Raine Square in Perth to find out just how phenomenal an exceptional cocktail can be.

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