Bond and Share a Feast Together

Hunter & Barrel Feast

Hunter & Barrel is all about the group sharing experience and connecting with each other over good food. Our menu is specifically designed so dishes can be shared. We have generous portions of large cuts of meat and sides which are great for sharing. Bond and share a feast together with others. Celebrate special events and occasions with your friends, family or workmates.

The Benefits of Eating Together

Food is an important part of everyone’s life. It is more than just a necessity but a way to stay connected with others, taste great produce and bring family and friends together. 

The social experience of sharing a meal releases endorphins, feel good hormones that lift our spirits. When interacting with others over a meal, people are likely to feel happier and feel more relaxed. Life is more enjoyable when you have good food, good wine, good conversation, and laughs with good company. Our emotional and physical health is boosted by eating with others.

People eat healthier when eating in a group. We eat more nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Sharing different dishes means you get to try a variety of new healthy foods that you may not normally try. You get to open your horizons and expand your palate.

Having a meal with others builds strong social connections with your friends, family, co-workers or even new acquaintances. Meals taste better when we eat with others. Food is the ingredient that binds people together. 

Sharing a meal together gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones. We can truly connect with others and bond. The best memories are formed when we gather around a table and share good food, conversation and laugh with others. 

No matter what your nationality, background or how you were brought up, food connects us all. Sharing food is a focal point when it comes to forming a closer relationship with others.

The Hunter & Barrel Group Dining Experience

Hunter & Barrel provides the ideal group feasting experience. The dishes on our menu are designed to be shared. From our large cuts of meat to the servings of our sides, our dishes are generous in size and great for sharing. Pass around the bread, chips and chicken wings and enjoy delicious food with others.

A Feast For Two is an item on our Hunter & Barrel menu that is dedicated to shared dining. The feast board is designed for two people to share mouth-watering favourites. A variety of meats and cuts are presented on a large board including ribs and rump. The servings are generous in size that will leave you and your dining companion satisfied. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and work promotions are special occasions that should be celebrated with a good hearty meal. Whether you have a milestone birthday or graduated from your studies, Hunter & Barrel will ensure you have a great time at our restaurant with delicious food and attentive, warm and friendly wait staff. 

Spoil your partner and treat them to a special dinner. There are events on the calendar that should be made extra special. Nothing is more romantic than taking your partner out for a beautiful meal on Valentine’s Day. Our Hunter & Barrel restaurant has the perfect ambience and setting for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Order a range of delicious dishes and drinks to share and spend quality time together.

One of life’s simple pleasures is getting together with your tribe 

Share a meal together with others and enjoy laughter, joy and happiness. The benefits are endless when you are with good company and share delicious dishes with one another. The more that we share meals together with others, the happier and more satisfied, we tend to be.

Are you planning a party, a celebration or engagement party? At Hunter & Barrel, we have a range of private dining spaces available for hire at each of our restaurants. Hosting an event with us is a celebration of great food, drink and company. Make a booking today at Hunter & Barrel and bond and share a feast together.