Showcasing NATIF Indigenous Ingredients

NATIF Hunter Burger

The essence of the Hunter & Barrel menu is the quality ingredients that go into our dishes. We have a strong connection to the land and only use ingredients that strengthen our menu. Hunter & Barrel collaborate with smaller specialised suppliers that provide a unique point of difference and align with what we stand for. One company that we work with is Natif, an Australian native food supplier. Natif showcase native indigenous ingredients,  bringing flavours that lift our dishes to another level.

The Natif Story

N = Native

A = Australian

T = Traditional

I = Indigenous

F = Foods

Established in 2015, Natif is an ethically and sustainable focused company based in Melbourne, Australia. They feature a wide range of premium native Australian herbs and spices, fruits, seeds and beverages. Natif sources Indigenous Australian ingredients with Australian native food farmers, the wider native food industry and traditional knowledge handed down over thousands of years. 

For over 60,000 years, the Aboriginal people lived off the land in Australia with over 5,000 edible Australian native plants and bush foods giving them what they needed to survive the harsh Australian climate. To the Aboriginal people, a plant is more than just food, it’s a connection to the land and environment.

Natif sources native ingredients that are wild harvested and organically grown from all across Australia. True superfoods that contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All Natif ingredients are 100% pure, natural and free from additives, naturally packed with nutrients that contribute to good health and wellbeing. 

Natif retains the freshness and nutrients of the ingredients through freeze drying. The freeze dry process involves the very quick freezing of the product by using liquid nitrogen. This preserves the maximum flavour and natural colours of the food. 

Natif Ingredients in our Hunter & Barrel Menu

Recently, Hunter & Barrel began working with Natif, incorporating their ingredients into our dishes. Both companies share similar philosophies. A strong connection to  the land and providing a primal experience with food. 

Natif ingredients add a different flavour to the Hunter & Barrel dishes. One of the Natif ingredients used in our dessert menu is Muntrie. Also known as Emu Apple, they are native to southern parts of Australia. The Indigenous people of this area used them as a source of food, eating them fresh or drying them for later. The Muntrie powder is sprinkled on top of our Lemon Tart. The flavour is like apple, berries and vanilla combined together. The taste is unlike anything you have tasted before.

Our signature Hunter Burger includes the use of Natif ingredients: Bush Tomato and Pepperberry

Despite the name, bush tomatoes are not actually tomatoes. They are dried berries found in the desert areas of the Northern Territory, Central and South Australia. They have a caramelised aroma and a savoury sour taste that is used to balance out the sweetness in the bacon jam in the burger. The Natif ingredient, Pepperberry is also used in the aioli in the Hunter Burger. The berries are native to the wet forests of southern NSW, South East Australia and Tasmania. The spicy taste is like a berry with heat, that packs a punch. 

Hunter & Barrel enjoys using ingredients that have flavours and aromas that add a twist to our dishes. Showcasing Natif Indigenous ingredients in the Hunter & Barrel menu gives our guests a unique dining experience that you would not get anywhere else. Make a booking today to taste special ingredients in our dishes that enhances our Hunter & Barrel menu. 

We acknowledge the indigenous people of Australia for being the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present who have cared for this land for thousands of years. Hunter & Barrel thanks them for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us about Australian traditional foods.