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Posted: September 18, 2019
King's Feast - Hunter & Barrel

Functions, work celebrations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas lunches, Valentine’s Day dinners, and everything in between – there are countless moments throughout the year to celebrate an occasion with a group of your nearest and dearest. 

And for those occasions, most restaurants will work from a set menu to ensure you receive a faster, smoother service than could be achieved with a full menu. Additionally, set menus help event organisers to keep an eye on costs, and it does help with the inevitable dilemma of trying to decide which meal to order when there are too many delicious options to choose from. 

But the question is, where can you find the best set menu in Sydney? At Hunter & Barrel, we believe we have not just an incredible set menu, but that we are also one of the best restaurants in Sydney. 

Here are the three main options you’ll find on our set menus. 

The Light Lunch

Our Light Lunch set menu offers the option of either just a main course, or a main course with an entree or a dessert. Both options include a glass of house wine, a tap beer, or a soft drink with the meal. 

Mains options include tasty treats such as our 200g eye of rump steak, our Hunter’s pie of the day, pork schnitzel, a chicken thigh skewer, and other delicious options. 

If you opt to include dessert, diners can choose between a rich chocolate and walnut brownie, or our fruity apple skillet pie. 

The Huntsmen’s Menu 

The Huntsmen’s Menu is a veritable feast, including a starter, entree, main, and sides to share. 

The entire table will begin with warm flatbread with olive oil and dukkah, before moving on to an entree of their choice – a decision between chicken wings, fried squid, or meatballs. Mains option include a crispy pork belly dish, a filling vegetarian herb roasted pumpkin, and either beef or chicken skewers. 

These dishes are complemented by salads, chips, and salads, which will be placed on the table for guests to serve themselves as they like. 

The Kingsmen’s Menu

Looking for the best group dining in Sydney? You’ll find it with the Kingsmen’s Menu, which is a full four-course meal that will impress your guests and leave everyone feeling exceptionally full and content. 

The Kingsmen’s Menu is almost identical to the Huntsmen’s Menu, in that it begins with starters of flatbreads with olive oil and dukkah for the table, before a round of entrees and mains (the options are the same). 

However, this menu takes the meal one step further with a dessert course, which gives diners the option of our decadent chocolate walnut brownie, or our liqueur roasted caramel pears. 

Beverages packages

If you’re looking to offer an open bar to your guests, consider one of our beverages packages to complete the experience. 

We offer standard and premium packages, which offer two varieties of wines and beers for diners to enjoy. 

Keep in mind that while we have these exceptional set menus in place, we may be able to make some changes depending on your function, group size, and preferences. Let us know if you’d like an adjustment when you make a booking and we’ll see what we can do! 

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