Dining out? Here are 4 things that make a great restaurant

Dining out is one of those few activities that everyone can appreciate. 

From casual last-minute quick meals to magical anniversary dinners and lively group functions, a meal at a restaurant can be a fantastic way to enjoy new flavours, great company, and not having to deal with the dishes afterwards. 

There are many types of restaurants out there, but there are some things that only the best have in common. 

1. Exceptional service

Even if all the other factors are great, poor service can quickly bring down the feel of the entire meal. 

At Hunter & Barrel, you won’t have to ask for water on the table, you won’t be left waiting for an eternity when you’re ready to order, and you won’t be left feeling like you’ve intruded on your waitstaff’s day by their sour attitude. 

Our waitstaff are naturally bubbly, helpful people, who are well versed in the premium fare available on the menu, as well as the range of wines and other beverages. They are attentive, quick with a smile, and happy to ensure your meal is just as you like it. 

2. Mouth-watering food

It should go without saying that phenomenal food is the lynchpin for any great restaurant. 

Hunter & Barrel focuses on traditional meals, with unique but incredible flavours that only get better with every bite. Our Monte Beef range is sourced exclusively for our restaurants and is considered to be one of the best steaks in Australia, while our variety of lamb cuts, pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dishes will make it difficult to pick a favourite. 

All of this is paired with a carefully selected wine list, a handful of barrel-aged cocktails, and a variety of beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic drinks for every taste bud. 

3. Something a little special 

To be truly memorable, a restaurant must offer something a little different, a little special. 

For us, that’s our ‘hunter’ atmosphere that you’ll find throughout our restaurant design. It’s the welcoming roaring open fire, the classic timber and leather restaurant decor, the chic antler chandelier lighting and all the little details in between that make stepping into Hunter & Barrel both a modern experience, and one that makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time. 

4. The ambiance

A restaurant that plays music too loud can feel more like a nightclub than a place to enjoy a relaxing meal, and one that glares bright lights over your head can feel more like an interrogation room than a place for a romantic date. 

Here, our restaurant music quietly sets the scene – not too fast, nor too slow for an enjoyable meal out. The lighting adds to the ambiance, neither blinding you with uncomfortable brightness nor leaving you in the dark using a phone light to read the menu. 

These are the kind of small details that are made not to be noticed. 
There’s more to a great restaurant than just exceptional food (although that is important), and you’ll find it all at Hunter & Barrel. Make a booking to see why we are one of the best great restaurants in Australia.