Where To Eat In Perth? Spectacular Places & Restaurants To Enjoy

Where To Eat In Perth

So, where to eat in Perth? Perth is a wonderful part of Western Australia, with much to do and plenty to explore. Whether you visit the beach for the day, delve into the location’s aboriginal history or venture into the centre of Perth to see how the area has implemented modern elements into its culture, there is no chance of getting bored here! 

However, hunger strikes when you’re constantly on the move and exploring new places and cultures. So, you would logically ask ‘where to eat in Perth?’ As a result, knowing the best places to eat is a great way to plan your day and will ensure you fulfil your needs whilst getting a glimpse into the exceptional food offered in this location. 

To give you a hand and answer the very question – where to eat in Perth? Hunter & Barrel has detailed four of the best restaurants in Perth to enjoy some of WA’s finest culinary recipes. Each restaurant has a different vibe and offers its customers a unique dining experience, complete with tasty meals and great service. 

Feeling hungry? Do you still want to know where to eat in Perth? Let’s get into it!

Here are the 4 best places to eat in a restaurant and truly gain the best experience on where to eat in Perth CBD:

  1. Hunter & Barrel – Best For Casual Fine Dining
  2. Ribs & Burgers – Best Burgers In Perth
  3. Italian Street Kitchen – Best Italian Restaurant In Perth
  4. The Meat & Wine Co – Best Steak Restaurant in Perth

Hunter & Barrel

Best For Casual Fine Dining

Location: Raine Square, 119 William St, Perth WA 6000 Speciality: Meat Skewers & Casual Fine Dining Hunter & Barrel is a unique, fine dining experience in Raine Square Perth CBD. If you are looking for a restaurant that stands out from the modern-day chain and minimalist attitudes, Hunter & Barrel is an excellent option for you. The menu centres around comforting, mouthwatering cuts of meat such as skewered meats, stews and coal-roasted meat. You can expect a relaxing experience to match this cosy cuisine, with an open fire pit on site, which provides a deep crackling sound as a comforting and continuous background noise. These earthly tastes, smells and sounds are matched with attentive staff dedicated to providing diners with excellent dining service. Birthday functions, corporate events and special occasion reservations are welcomed, with the option to choose a birthday set menu and semi-private dining area.  Overall, the experience at Hunter & Barrel is one diners will remember and the perfect place on where to eat in Perth. With a diverse and unique menu, special sensory triggers and excellent service implemented throughout the restaurant.

Ribs & Burgers

Best Burgers In Perth

Location: Shop 24, 140 William Street, Perth, WA
Speciality: Ribs, Burgers & Fast Food

Whilst Ribs & Burgers is considered fast food, the food you will be provided with at this restaurant has been made with care, and the cooking process is anything but quick! For example, the ribs are slow-cooked for eight hours, ensuring the quality and taste of this meat blows other fast food alternatives out of the water. It’s the perfect blend of luxury dining without the wait time.

Although the food you are served has a minimal wait time, the talented chefs at Ribs & Burgers are passionate about providing maximum taste and quality. This ethos is championed by the 100% natural produce sourcing, once again defying the laws of fast food!

You can choose between our Ribs & Burgers menu such as wagyu burgers, plant-based burgers, ribs, chicken wings and many more options when dining at Ribs & Burgers. These tasty meals come at affordable prices, making Ribs & Burgers one of Perth’s best places to eat.  

If you’re still on the lookout for where to eat in Perth and looking for high-quality, no-nonsense food whilst on a budget, we recommend checking out Ribs & Burgers!

Italian Street Kitchen

Best Italian Restaurant In Perth

Location: 121 William St, Perth WA 6000
Speciality: Italian, Pizza & Pasta

Perth’s Italian Street Kitchen is bound to be ideal if you want something lighter and less meat-oriented. Traditional Italian recipes combined with regional Italian ingredients are the beating heart of this restaurant, providing Perth with an authentic Italian restaurant to fulfil any carbohydrate craving, run by Rome native Isabella. 

Choose from classic Italian dishes such as wood-fired pizza aged 48 hours to deliver the ultimate pizza flavours or fresh pasta made in-house daily from Italian flour and eggs.

No matter which dish you choose, you are guaranteed to introduce your tastebuds to some seriously delicious flavours and textures, with natural Italian ingredients dancing in your mouth.

Aesthetic-wise, the Italian Street Kitchen follows a quirky art deco style that’ll make you feel relaxed and comfortable as you tuck into your slice of heaven. If you are truly searching on where to eat in Perth, this outlook truly embodies the energy of Italy’s side streets for a more laid-back approach to Italian dining.

The Meat & Wine Co

Best Steak Restaurant in Perth

Location: Ground Floor/108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Speciality: Steak, Aged Meat & Wine

If you’re looking for a luxurious restaurant with a great range of meats and wine, The Meat & Wine Co will be perfect. Merging Afro-centric decor and food creates the unique experience provided by The Meat & Wine Co, ensuring this steak will be like no other you try.

A highlight of the offerings of this restaurant is the aged steak range, which sees steak go through a dry ageing process that enhances its flavours and textures for the ultimate steak infused with porcini mushroom. 

On the other hand, you can indulge in a ribeye or fillet steak or choose a vegetarian option if you’re skipping meat (although we very much doubt it at The Meat & Wine Co!). This luxurious dining experience is implemented through high-quality service and a relaxed interior, matching the out-of-this-world food perfectly. A truly fitting restaurant to dine in and answer the age old question on where to eat in Perth.

The Final Word On Where To Eat In Perth

We guarantee that any of the above restaurants would provide you with a worthwhile experience on where to eat in Perth, with great food to match! Whether you book a table at the rustic and earthy setting provided by Hunter & Barrel or fancy a taste of authentic Italian food at the Italian Street Kitchen, both high-quality food and cheery, endearing service will be provided.

Each restaurant we detailed varies in price, with our most budget-friendly option being Ribs & Burgers. Therefore, this may be your best option if you’re looking for an affordable afternoon out! 

Even though Ribs & Burgers is at the lower end price-wise, we can assure you that their food is made from natural ingredients, similar to all of the other restaurants we have mentioned. 

Now that our guide has taken you through the four best places to eat, you should have a better idea of where to eat in Perth this week, with a rumbling tummy ready to take on the great food scene here in Perth CBD!