Why dining at Hunter & Barrel is like a step back in time

Cockle Bay Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel is unique for a number of reasons. It’s not just our incredible food, spectacular cocktails, or impeccable service, but it’s also the feel – the overall vibe and atmosphere – that you’ll find in each of our restaurants that sets us apart. 

Themed restaurants are often gaudy and ridiculous, yet the theme at Hunter & Barrel is subtle, and less of a theme than a style and an inspiration. 

At Hunter & Barrel, we are inspired by the way things used to be done; by the ‘Hunter’. 

Here’s a little more about how, when you visit Hunter & Barrel for a meal or a drink, you might just feel like you’re taking a step back in time. 

Food the way it used to be

As wonderful as modern advances in cooking and food preparation are, there’s also something to be said about the way food used to be prepared – by the Hunter.

The Hunter would return at the end of a long day, and gather around the fire with friends and family to enjoy the camaraderie and warmth. Here, the hunter would prepare the day’s meats with traditional, yet effective and tasty methods. 

Over a hot coal fire go cuts of steak, racks of ribs, chicken thighs, and other prime morsels. 

Stews included large slabs of meat, plenty of natural herbs and vegetables for additional flavour and texture, and slow-cooked meats were left over simmering flames to roast throughout the day.

At Hunter & Barrel, you’ll find meals prepared in much the same way – with coals and grills, fires and pots. Naturally, we are now a top meat restaurant in Sydney thanks to this dedication to exceptionally cooked meats. 

Authentic from the ground up

You won’t even make it to your table before you get a feel for the authentic natural, historic atmosphere in Hunter & Barrel.

Every decor decision has been made with the Hunter in mind. You’ll find rough stone walls decorating our counter spaces, large fur rugs adorning our seating areas, natural grasses and plants growing in all corners, rough ropes used as part of the functional design, and cracked, authentic leather covering couches and chairs throughout the dining areas. 

You won’t find an industrial light bulb, monochrome artwork or modern silver detailing inside our walls. Instead the focus is on bringing the raw elements of nature into an indoor setting, where every effort has been made to help you step away from your busy modern life, and step back to a simpler time. 

Drinks from the Barrel

Another common item found throughout our restaurants is the Barrel. Not just the physical barrel that epitomises traditional alcoholic brews, but our traditional drinks menu as well. 

Browse the Barrel to choose an in-house barrel aged cocktail, which gives your usual favourite tipple a slight traditional twist. We also offer standard cocktails, and a wide variety of wines, beers, and ciders. 

Make your booking at one of the best themed restaurants in Sydney to step back in time, get away from your modern to-do list, and simply enjoy exceptional dishes and drinks.