Your Guide to Planning a Melbourne Cup Feast

With Covid-19 changing plans quicker than the weather, Melbourne Cup Day may look slightly different this year. But it is still an excellent opportunity for you to commune with your favourite people and celebrate the race that stops the nation. We are sharing some of our secrets on how to yield a memorable communal feast this Melbourne Cup Day.

Start your feast with canapes and cocktails 

No Melbourne Cup feast is complete without canapes and cocktails. Some of our favourite Hunter & Barrel steak restaurant inspired canapes include Honey Glazed Pork Belly or Portuguese Marinated Chicken. If it isn’t apparent already, we do love meat. Our greatest tip here is to source your meat carefully. People underestimate this step, but we know finding the highest quality meat is an integral part of creating a memorable dining experience. We also recommend having a peek at some of the marinades we use to perfect our chicken skewers

 At Hunter & Barrel, we offer in-house barrel-aged cocktails like no other! Although the process of blending our cocktails in-house in oak barrels is best left to the experts, we believe you can still serve your guests some of the finest cocktails. Some of our favourite blends include negroni or mojito’s to keep the crowd cheering.


When we feast, we think hearty slow-cooked meat…and who doesn’t love slow-cooked meat. You simply can’t go wrong with a warm and inviting roast lamb shoulder or the perfection of slow cooking pork ribs. We also highly recommended serving up the fan-favourite – beef or chicken skewers with of course traditional basting. These are all great ideas but if you really want to impress with something a little different, boerewors are the way to go. If the crowd prefers some seafood, you are certainly spoilt for choice, but we recommend barramundi, scallops or prawns for a touch of freshness on Melbourne Cup day.


Your guests may at this point be pretty content after eating chicken skewers and boerewors, but no feast is complete without dessert. Some would even say it’s cruel making one wait until the end, but we believe good things come to those who wait. And we believe your guests will be happy to wait for the perfect panna cotta or lemon tart dessert. These traditional desserts, when made to perfection, are simply unforgettable. 

Hunter & Barrel is a steak restaurant that pays homage to the hunter’s way of life. We hope your Melbourne Cup feast finds its inspiration from our menu. We also know nothing can compete with the perfection we have created in our restaurants in Eastland, Melbourne and Raine Square, Perth and we always welcome you to try our selection of chef curated meals.