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Posted: August 21, 2019

Meat lovers rejoice, Hunter & Barrel is here to make your carnivorous dreams come true. 

Of course, Hunter & Barrel offers a little more than just piles of exceptionally prepared and cooked meats – we’re one of the best restaurants in Darling Harbour, for example – but if meat dishes are your thing, this is for you. 

Here are three undeniable reasons why Hunter & Barrel is a meat lover’s dream.

The variety of meat dishes

Cast your discerning eye to the Hunter menu, where you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of meat dishes that will set your mouth watering, but that will also make it incredibly difficult to choose just one meal. 

For example, order a Royal Feast and enjoy a shared platter that includes eye fillet, braised lamb shank, and beef short rib. 

Our starter options include everything from chicken wings to meatballs to sausage links, and our main menu is full of varying meat possibilities. There are six different steak options, multiple skewers and ribs, and a delightfully appetising list of fare options including kangaroo, pork belly, and schnitzel. 

After your first visit, it’s likely you’ll be back again and again to slowly work your way through this impressive meat menu. 

The preparation and cooking in every dish 

Any meat lover knows just how quickly a steak can go from perfectly cooked to overdone, and how easy it is to dry out a chicken breast, or improperly season a succulent set of ribs. 

There are many ways you can go wrong when preparing and cooking meats, but Hunter & Barrel makes a point of getting it right every single time. 

Our signature coal grill at the heart of each of our locations adds a unique flair to our dishes, as this simple but immensely tasty cooking technique seals in the flavour, and adds a moreish crisp skin to each dish. 

We also slow roast several dishes to bring out the best of the natural flavours and textures in our meats, and you can taste the difference in every bite. 

Everything else 

Hunter & Barrel is one of the best steak restaurants in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, but it takes more than just exceptional meat when you want to be the best.

As well as our variety of meat dishes and our dedication to flawless preparation and cooking, we aim to offer the whole package. 

That means that our vegetarian dishes, sides, and desserts are every bit as delicious as our meats. Even our kids menu has been carefully prepared for the little ones. It means that the Barrel side of the business (our drinks menu) is just as diverse and impressive as the Hunter, and it means our restaurant atmosphere and service are second to none. 

So if you’re looking for fine dining in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne that caters to meat lovers, but can also keep the less-meat-inclined happy, Hunter & Barrel puts everything on the table – literally.

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