Why Hunter & Barrel is the ideal Melbourne date night restaurant

Eastland Hunter & Barrel

Whether it’s a first date with someone new, or a ten-year wedding anniversary, a date night always brings a little sense of magic. 

From the excitement of deciding what to wear and building up an appetite, to taking that first sip of wine or the first bite of a delicious meal, there’s nothing quite like the fun of taking a night out with someone you care about. 

That’s why the venue is so important, and that’s why you should think about Hunter & Barrel when you’re looking for the best Melbourne date ideas.

Take a look at our reasons why and make a booking for two

Sharing dishes and other incredible fare 

It’s tough to enjoy an evening and bond as a couple when the meal in front of you is sub-par, but you certainly won’t encounter this problem at Hunter & Barrel.

Our menu even includes three options for sharing dishes to bring you even closer, so you can enjoy several of our tastiest dishes on one large platter. 

Alternatively, you can choose from our a la carte menu to feast on classic dishes such as pork belly or chicken thigh, or try something new such as Tasmanian kangaroo or a Jager pork schnitzel. 

A romantic and warm atmosphere 

The right atmosphere on a date night is typically one where you don’t feel crowded by other people, but can still enjoy the babble of others in the background. It’s where the lighting is just dim enough to add a sense of romance, but still bright enough to enjoy intimate discussions. It’s where the decor isn’t overly formal, nor too casual, so you can relax in each other’s company but still feel like it’s a special occasion. 

Hunter & Barrel walks between the two extremes in all instances, offering a romantic, relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for allowing you and your love interest to connect and enjoy yourselves throughout the evening. That’s what fine dining in Melbourne is all about, and we’re happy to be able to offer such a romantic evening for each couple who stops by. 

The expansive drinks menu 

‘The Barrel’ part of Hunter & Barrel refers to our beverage selection – a complete list of wines, bubbles, beers, ciders, cocktails, and mocktails. 

Your favourite cocktail can always offer a great conversation starter, a bottle of bubbles is perfect to celebrate if you’re looking for anniversary ideas in Melbourne, and our wine selection has been carefully curated to pair well with our incredible dishes. And for those a little nervous about a first date, a little liquid courage in the shape of a beer or cider can go a long way. 

Of course, our variety of non-alcoholic drinks are available for those who prefer not to drink. 

So if you have a special someone you’d like to impress, we have  meals, drinks, and atmosphere that will do the trick. Make a booking for two and we’ll impress you both!