Elevate after-work drinks with our barrel-aged cocktails

There are some days that simply demand a refreshing drink once you make it through to home time. 

Whether it has been a particularly busy day, a stressful meeting, a major pitch, a big deadline, or even a positive day where you need to go and celebrate with the crew afterwards, an expertly made, quality cocktail is the perfect way to put a cap on the day. 

But when it comes to after work drinks, only the best cocktail bars in Sydney offer that little something extra – barrel-aged cocktails. 

Here are our five barrel-aged cocktails that you can enjoy at Hunter & Barrel in Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne. 

The Aged Pina 

Everybody knows and loves the classic pina colada. This sweet and fruity drink tastes like a holiday, and is the go-to drink if you’re dreaming of far away beaches and counting down until your next break. 

We take this fan favourite to the next level by using a blend of barrel-aged Appleton rum and Baron Samedi spiced rum, and adding Coco Lopez and pineapple juice. 

The Barrelled Negroni 

Tough day in the office? We have a Barrelled Negroni waiting with your name on it. 

This classic tipple offers a powerful kick, and we take things up a notch by using Bulldog gin, Campari, and Cinzano Rosso barrel aged in-house. 

The Dark Ages 

Take a step back in time to The Dark Ages, where there’s no such thing as busy inboxes, Skype calls or spreadsheets. 

With barrel-aged Hennessy VS cognac and Tia Maria, The Dark Ages promises a strong and soothing flavour from the very first sip. We add fresh espresso and salted caramel syrup for a little sweetness and extra kick for an unforgettable and energising drink that will quickly become one of your favourite cocktails in Sydney.  

The Hunter’s Mojito 

When you order The Hunter’s Mojito, you’ll be glad to be in one of the best Sydney bars with a view. You can sit out in the sunshine on our terrace overlooking the waterfront, surrounded by the hubbub of Darling Harbour, and relax into the refreshing and spritzy drink. 

We started with our barrel-aged blend of Appleton Rum and Baron Samedi spiced rum, then add mint, sugar, and lime for that classic zingy taste that refreshes and invigorates in every sip. 

The Smokin’ Tommy SGL

For something truly special, order The Smokin’ Tommy SGL. 

This drink pulls together our in-house rested tequila, and blends it with agave, fresh lime and – the most spectacular ingredient – smoke. 

The result is a classic and powerful drink that fuses smokiness with the zingy citrus of lime, as well as the unique flavour of tequila. 

Our bartenders are some of the best in the business, so if you’d prefer us to use our barrel-aged spirits in your favourite off-menu cocktail, don’t hesitate to put in your request. We also offer a range of classic cocktails to ensure your after work drinks include plenty of delicious options and new flavours to try each time you visit Hunter & Barrel.