The Mighty Meats of Hunter & Barrel

King's Feast - Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel is a place where meat is put on a pedestal.

At the heart of our ethos is the belief that traditional methods of preparation and cooking should not be left to the history books. Instead, we have curated an atmosphere where you can dine on premium cuts of a variety of meats, including our own exclusive line of Monte beef. 

Naturally, we are one of the top meat restaurants in the country. Take a look at the types of meat we currently offer on our lunch and dinner menus, how you can enjoy them, and what makes them so unmissable. 


Chicken is the classic go-to meat if you’re not sure what you want. So much so, that many fine dining restaurants will forgo a chicken dish altogether so as not to seem too pedestrian. 

Not so at Hunter & Barrel. We believe this meat has a lot to offer, which is why you’ll find everything from spicy chicken wings to thigh skewers and succulent lemon chicken breasts on our menus. 

Chicken is famed for being high in protein and low in fat, and off the charts in flavour. 


Beef is a key component of our menus. Our exclusive Monte Beef – which you can order as grass- or grain-fed – is the gem of our beef dishes, and you can enjoy it as almost any cut you prefer and cooked to perfection. 

This includes an eye fillet, eye of rump, wagyu rump (250 or 500 grams), rib eye, rib eye on the bone, or even a beef short rib or beef sirloin skewer. 

These cuts are bursting with flavour, and you’ll notice the difference of this premium range in every mouthful. Beef is very high in iron, vitamin B12, and protein. 


Kangaroo has long been an Australian classic dish, and with our dedication to traditional cooking techniques, you’ll experience the full rich game flavour in this unique meat. 

Our Tasmanian kangaroo dish comes with peppers, roasted carrots, broccolini, baby potatoes, and a mixed berry jus to add a little tart sweetness to the plate. 

For the health-conscious, kangaroo is also very high in protein, extremely low in fat, and perhaps surprisingly, is also a good source of Omega-3s. 


Pork is an incredibly versatile meat that you’ll find on our menus in the form of a crumbly Jager Pork Schnitzel, a crispy pork belly, and as a half and full rack of ribs. 

When cooked well, pork is tender and juicy, delicately salty, and utterly delicious. 

The nutrients found in pork can vary greatly depending on the exact cut – for example, some are fatty (think bacon!) while others are lean. Generally speaking, pork is a great source of protein, and unlike other red meats, pork is also a good source of Vitamin B1. 


There is something special about a lamb dish. 

Choose between a Braised Lamb Shank wrapped in pastry and topped with a mixed berry jus, or opt for a Roast Lamb Shoulder with tzatziki and flatbread. These incredibly flavourful dishes are a treat for the senses, and are cooked perfectly to retain the juices without undercooking. 

Lamb does tend to be a little fattier than other red meats such as beef – although that does account for the additional flavour. It’s also high in protein, iron, and Vitamin B12. 

If you simply can’t decide between these incredible meat dishes, consider ordering one of our three feast options, which are designed to be shared and include multiple meat cuts so you can taste several in one dish. 
And even though we are amongst the best meat restaurants Melbourne and Perth, we still offer multiple fantastic vegetarian dishes as well. Make your booking for Eastland or Raine Square to try the mighty meats of Hunter & Barrel for yourself.