How Often Should You Eat Red Meat?


Over the last few years, the media has had meat on the mind. Specifically red meat, with articles from all sides popping up to argue factors such as the various health benefits that come with a red meat-filled diet. At Hunter & Barrel, we’ll put those queries out to pasture and answer the ever-occurring question, how often should you eat red meat? Also, how much should you be incorporating into your diet to have a truly healthy and balanced lifestyle.

When it comes to red meat, we’ll be discussing:

Different Ways Red Meat Is Raised

Before we jump into the meatier aspects of this blog, we need to discuss the distinction in how meat is raised. As with virtually every food, different factors correspond with how healthy it is, and how often you should eat red meat.

Unprocessed Meat

When red meat is referred to as unprocessed, it means that it has been processed very minimally. Examples of this are ground beef and sirloin. This form is incredibly nutritious and is filled with protein that the body needs.

Processed Meat

On the other side of the barbeque is processed meat. This refers to any meat that has undergone the procedure of smoked beef, salted, cured, or any other processing method. Examples of processed meat include bacon and sausages and should be consumed the least.

Grass-Fed Meat

Grass-fed red meat is a kind of red meat that comes from cows that can graze open fields, as well as forage for their food. This standard of red meat is found to be higher in vitamins and antioxidants.

Organic Meat

Organic red meat must meet most requirements as opposed to the other forms, to be considered properly organic. It is hormone-free and the cows are fed on a completely organic diet. There are a variety of health benefits found in this kind of meat, which include less overall fat as well as high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are great for the heart.

Conventional Red Meat

Conventional meat is meat that comes from a factory farm, where the cows are put on a grain diet. Although this is fine for you in moderation, if you’re looking for specific health benefits, unprocessed, grain-fed and organic meat is the preferable avenue to take.

How Often Should You Eat Red Meat And What Are The Health Benefits?

The simple answer when it comes to how often should you eat red meat is simple: have it in moderation. As with every diet, eating one thing in excess is rarely good for the body. But, having it in conjunction with a plethora of other vital food groups is paramount.

However, red meat does play an important part in your overall nutrition. It contains a lot of essential nutrients that are needed for healthy body function, such as B12, which is crucial to form red blood cells. As well as iron, which amongst other things gives your body key amounts of energy. And, finally, zinc is needed to support a healthy immune system.

What Are The Healthiest Meats?

As previously mentioned, the way meat is raised will affect the subsequent health benefits. But for the especially health-conscious amongst us, there are other factors to consider. These factors include the kind of meat you’re eating, and the parts of it that you consume. If you tend to favour pork, opt for the centre loin or tenderloin cuts. When preparing the meal, trim the fat where possible to have the leanest cut. Try to avoid processed versions such as bacon.

If you’re somebody who prefers a delicious and juicy steak; much like pork, the centre loin and tenderloin are prime cuts to go for, as well as the flank and round cuts. These pieces are great to incorporate into your diet as they tend to be low in calories and high in protein which is great for building up muscle as well as a fantastic energy source for your body.

How Much Red Meat Should I Consume?

So, we’ve discussed how often should you eat red meat as a part of your overall diet, but if we’re getting down to the specifics, how often should you eat red meat? It’s been recommended by dietary experts that you have a maximum of seven servings of preferably lean meat on a weekly basis with a serving consisting of approximately 65grams of cooked red meat.

There are also plenty of red meat health benefits, and is fantastic incorporation into a strong adult diet, as it contains some key nutrients needed for the body such as the aforementioned zinc, vitamin B12 and iron. When you include red meat into your diet there is no doubt that you’ll be full of energy and fuller for longer. As with virtually every food, the key is to consume in moderation and make good choices about the types you choose to eat, such as opting for a lean cut of steak over sausages for dinner.

As a reminder of how often should you eat red meat. Make healthy choices, opt for smaller portion sizes, and enjoy a delicious cut of steak, pork, veal, or whatever your heart desires for a fantastically filling meal.  

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