How To Fight The Meat Sweats

You might struggle to find them in a medical dictionary, but the meat sweats are real. Here’s some Hunter & Barrel advice on how to handle them! 

When it’s 40 degrees plus outside, the last thing you need is your dinner adding fuel to the fire. Often laughed off as a myth or something Joey from Friends encountered after eating an entire Thanksgiving dinner, the ‘meat sweats’ are in reality backed by science. 


“Meat sweats are a physical reaction some people can experience after eating large quantities of protein-rich foods,” says Verona Somarriba, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. “Eating large quantities of protein increases body temperature. The body needs to work a lot harder to break it down than it does for vegetables, fruit, fats, or grains, which may, unfortunately, lead to excess sweating.”

The body works 20-30% harder to digest protein than carbohydrates. For example, the more energy it uses, the more heat it creates. So, it is entirely possible for the “thermic effect” of food to cause your body to sweat to cool itself – despite you not leaving the dinner table. 


The meat sweats can kick in immediately after a meal, a few hours later, or even while you’re in bed asleep. Meat sweats depend on a few health factors, including your body weight, overall body condition, and how used it is in processing protein. So yes – our first tip on fighting the meat sweats is… eat more meat! 


Another way to help your body bypass a steak-induced temperature spike is to balance your plate with plenty of sides from other food groups. Luckily, Hunter & Barrel is here for you on that front – From our fresh Green Forest Salad, Char-grilled Seasonal Vegetables, signature Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Coal-Roasted Cauliflower & Pumpkin and Charred Corn, to our classic Chunky Chips and Baked Potato Wedges you opt for. 

Taking your time at our table is always a big plus for your tastebuds – and your body will also thank you for a long and relaxed meal at the best steak restaurant in Melbourne and Perth. Spacing out your protein servings gives your digestive system the chance to process it properly and completely, meaning the only side effect you’ll experience is the unmatched sense of satisfaction that Hunter & Barrel is so famous for. 

We’ll hunt. You gather.

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