Meat & Metabolism

Meat and Metabolism

We think it’s worth a reminder of the plentiful health benefits that come from the biggest player on the Hunter & Barrel’s menu 

It’s no secret we’re big fans of meat at Hunter & Barrel. In fact, it’s the reason we’ve quickly become well-known as Melbourne & Perth’s best steak restaurant. Other than our exceptional USDA prime cuts tasting remarkable, it comes with significant nutritional and health benefits that we tuck them in at our table.


Steak is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals

Most people know red meat is high in protein, but many aren’t aware of its much broader nutritional values. Based on USDA food composition data and the FDA’s recommended daily values, an 8 oz (227g) serving of ribeye steak provides the body with 105% of Vitamin B12 it needs; 90% of Niacin and Selenium; over 70% of Zinc and Vitamin B6 and more than one-third of Choline and Phosphorus. 

These vitamins and minerals help the body process our nutrients from food, form red blood cells and promote calcium absorption. They also support the immune system, muscle functions and helps control blood pressure. Whilst it’s true they can be found in plant-based foods, we have to consume much more of them, and our bodies would have to work much harder to convert them into a form that we can use. Red meat allows these vitamins and minerals to be absorbed much quicker and used efficiently.

Steak kickstarts your metabolism

There’s a reason why many athletes and bodybuilders love red meat. It offers them long-term energy and keeps hunger at bay for several hours. Its high protein content builds muscles and assists with muscle repair. 

Protein is tough for the body to break down, requiring it to burn more calories in doing so. So what’s the bottom line? Eating more protein can help boost your metabolism because it creates a higher ‘thermic effect’ – This means your body will have to work harder to digest, process, and store it.

Steak is the body’s best source of iron

Red meat is also an incredible source of iron: One lean grass-fed strip steak serving contains 22% of our daily recommended iron intake. Iron is essential for oxygen transportation and storage within the body. One of its many uses is to form red blood cells and blood vessels and produce short energy bursts for high-intensity activities.

Trying to find an alternative? Nothing quite compares to meat in the iron steaks as far as your body is concerned. The type of iron found in red meat – heme iron – is absorbed far more quickly than the non-heme iron found in plant-based foods like beans and leafy greens.


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