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Posted: September 27, 2022
Skewered Meat

With all the grilling, broiling, frying, and barbecuing technology at our disposal for skewered meat, it’s safe to say that modern culinarians have all but perfected the art of cooking meat. That said, one of our favourite methods of eating meat just so happens to be one of the oldest, most traditional methods we know: the classic meat skewer.

There’s no denying that skewered meat is an essential offering at any great Aussie backyard BBQ, but does that mean this beloved staple doesn’t deserve a place in your next gourmet dining experience? This is the question that had our steak chefs here at Hunter & Barrel keen to find a way to bring the humble backyard barbie meat skewer from the picnic bench to a polished dining table.

With our Skewered menu and different types of skewered meat, all you steak lovers can finally enjoy premium Australian-inspired meat skewers alongside delectable wine and lager pairings for a complete gastronomical experience. Lovingly prepared slowly and over the flame like weary hunters from bygone eras, our different types of skewered meat have all been developed to transport you back in time. Where you find yourself depends on which Skewered menu item you’d like to savour.

Today, we’ll be exploring the flavour profiles of the different types of skewered meat in our Skewered Program so that you can get just a taste of what to expect when you rediscover the smoky scents, satisfying sizzles, and succulent juices of meat prepared over the fire. 

These flavour profiles of different types of skewered meat:

Return to the fireside with Dry-Aged Striploin Skewered Meat

Among the many different types of skewered meat, you may ask what’s better than traditional, butter-aged striploin? How about butter-aged striploin prepared using a method that’s guaranteed to provide the most even texture and consistency? 

When prepared over the open flame, the contrast between the smoky crunch of our signature striploin and its surprisingly soft and tender centre grows greater than ever before. With each bite into your dry-aged striploin skewer, you can experience all the most delectable flavours and tastes developed by our meat and skewer specialists at Hunter & Barrel. 

Bask in the sticky sweet notes of honey as it swirls round your tastebuds, whilst the light yet earthy bite of thyme provides a verdant backdrop to all the rich flavours that accompany dry-ageing done well. And with the flame touching and holding your dry-aged striploin in all the right places, you can be rest assured that every mouthful of this delectably different meat skewer is an homage to fireside hunting feasts enjoyed under ancient stars

Meat lovers can enjoy our skewered dry-aged striploin with a glass of Wirra Wirra Vineyard’s hearty Original Blend Grenache Shiraz, or the lager of their choice. Check out our drinks selection for even more options.

Traverse Australian wilds with Wattleseed Kangaroo 

Let’s move from the fireside by a wood log cabin to the open grasslands of Australia’s great outdoors. Hundreds of years ago, our Aussie wildlands were dotted with the silent stalking of hunters toting guns, daggers, and boomerangs. The still, warm air of the bush was quiet as can be, until the whirring of a weapon landing signalled the securing of a feast for tribes and settlements alike.

The high protein content and gaminess of kangaroo meat was simply made to be enjoyed on a skewer, which is precisely what led to the deliciousness of our skewers at Hunter & Barrel developing our mouth-wateringly tender wattleseed kangaroo skewers. Prepared with premium cuts of kangaroo loin rubbed down with gritty coffee, native wattleseed and pepper leaf for a perfectly dynamic Australian-inspired flavour profile, our wattleseed kangaroo skewers are truly a different type of meat skewer to anything you’ve ever tried before.

Our wattleseed kangaroo skewers are accompanied by a house-made chimichurri sauce for a little extra kick and colour, as well as Barringwood’s Pinot Noir to complement the heartiness of kangaroo loin, or Balter Brewing Co.’s tropical and floral XPA for a lighter pairing that will be sure to bring out the zing of native wattleseed and pepper leaf.

To skewer or to shawarma?

Of course, the hunters of yesteryear didn’t always enjoy their different types of skewered meats all on their own. Whether it was accompanied by grilled field mushrooms, ground spices, sauces, or a flagon of ale, the elegant simplicity of meat skewers can either be enjoyed on their own or combined with other fixings in order to create delectably dynamic culinary experiences.

All of our different types of skewered meat not only come with a perfectly complementary wine or beer pairing, but a selection of sides that are entirely your choice so that you can choose between savouring your skewers in all their modest complexity, or pairing your perfectly prepared meats with all the makings for your own gourmet shawarma. 

If you can’t decide whether to skewer or shawarma, then simply mix it up by sampling the best of both worlds, cleansing your palate with a sip in between mouthfuls of our different types of skewered meat.

Book now to enjoy Skewered Meat, Only at Hunter & Barrel

Want to experience the Skewered menu in all its glory? Thankfully, our skewer specialists work year-round to provide these superior meat skewers. For avid meat lovers, keep your eyes peeled for different types of skewered meats as they emerge across our seasonal menus.

Secure your booking at Hunter & Barrel in Melbourne’s Eastland or Perth’s Raine Square to immerse yourself in the delights of our Skewered Program today, and rediscover the rustic comforts of exceptional meats cooked and served over the open flame.

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